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  1. CA59

    KH3D Promotional Items in Japanese Stores!

    Shame about the two save files. Doesn't affect me, but I do feel sorry for those with big families.
  2. CA59

    Anything odd about your copy of KH2?

    You shouldn't have done that.
  3. CA59

    Mysterious Figure

    I've never beaten MF. My thoughts exactly. The reveal of the MF wasn't really surprising.
  4. CA59

    Fanfiction ► Birth By Sleep: The Short and Honest Version

    NCHammer326 is a comedic genius. I'm glad someone is trying to do a BBS SHV, but this could use some improvement. Too much "funny" dialogue, not enough making fun of the game.
  5. CA59

    Why did KH2 suck to everyone??

    It sucked to me because of the following: -Bad storyline (at least the execution) -Lame dialogue -Most of the characters were lame. The Organization members in KH2 were really just fanservice, which leads to... -Too much fanservice for no reason -Horrible characterization -No skill needed; all...
  6. CA59

    Can someone explain to me how Sora, Donald, and Goofy were stupid in KHII?

    I agree with everyone who said he was retarded in KH2, Sora in BBS was smarter and more mature than him. KH2 Sora ruined nearly every scene he was in. "Don't mess with street rats!" = Lame. "I guess you think you can psych me out by saying really random stuff!" = No, you're just retarded...
  7. CA59

    [SPOILERS] KH3D: Hopes and Fears. Like and Dislike.

    Likes - New outfits, no Kairi, new worlds (I hope they're actually good), plot is moving forward Dislikes - Certain characters being in it (The Organization is lame, why don't they just die already?), Vanitas Hopes - An optional boss that isn't cheap Fears - An optional boss that is cheap
  8. CA59

    Drive Forms vs Summons

    If I had to choose, I'd say Summons, because Drive Forms were just so retardedly broken.
  9. CA59

    Fanfiction ► Ideas for short Kingdom Hearts crossover segments...

    [ spoilers ] *insert text here* [/ spoilers ] (but take out the spaces)
  10. CA59

    Fanfiction ► Ideas for short Kingdom Hearts crossover segments...

    How bout MY LITTLE PONY? {Spoilers for Return of Harmony} Maybe Discord (unturned to stone by Maleficent) can try and break up the friendship of Sora, Donald, and Goofy.
  11. CA59

    Fanfiction ► This Is It

    LMAO you can see the PASSION in Nomura's eyes in that picture.
  12. CA59

    Fanfiction ► Ideas for short Kingdom Hearts crossover segments...

    Express likes for other fic writers, eh? One of my favorite writers is madmuffin14 (creator of PokeSpe Meets Anime). Her story does have flaws, but it's still pretty funny. It really shows how dramatically moronic the Pokemon anime is. The sad thing is, the anime actually is this stupid.
  13. CA59

    Birth by Sleep trailer on GT's top 100 trailers!

    I would prefer one for Riku's buttocks.
  14. CA59

    Fanfiction ► Ideas for short Kingdom Hearts crossover segments...

    Random: How bout one where they go to the Land of Ooo and Maleficent or someone else captures Princess Bubblegum for whatever reason? Idk, I'll think about it more later.
  15. CA59

    Fanfiction ► Shattered Ties

    Review in Progress: There really doesn't need to be a comma after "heard". Is one word. This doesn't sound right when you say it out loud. It sounds like you said, "he was balding at the dark brown eyes at the top", which sounds stupid. You don't need to use a ";". The paragraph...
  16. CA59

    Fanfiction ► Final Fight reversed (BBS spoilers) Request by chasespicer056

    Review in-progress. This isn't in first person narration, neither do we know what you're talking about, so "this" should be "the". Spell out numbers with letters. You use the word "man" too many times. Wow, not even past the first paragraph and already you're randomly tense switching...
  17. CA59

    Fanfiction ► Timetravel

    Type your title properly. Spellcheck. You don't even explain HOW he got there. "Was" is spelled wrong. The apostrophes don't need to be there, and neither does "you". This needs to be worded better overall. What's with the "though"? Some of these words do not need...
  18. CA59

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts 2: Another Story (spoilers to BBS, Re:Com, Days, and KH2)

    Chapter 3 Review In-Progress Capitalize the title properly. "Did" is spelled wrong. Don't use initials for "Castle Oblivion", it just looks lazy. The first sentence isn't that bad, but it would be better if "by" was "through". Also, Xemnas really can't be surprised, being a Nobody...