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  1. Gildragon

    Where the Epic Voices Are (Epic Voice Service)

    2 MEN 2 EPIC VOICES ONE NEW RESOURCE ----> WHERE THE EPIC VOICES ARE!!! <---- ^OOH A TRAILER^ Have you ever wanted to hear your name said by a deep moving voice? Have you ever wished you could make anything sound epic? Do you desire a custom show intro? Well that's where GILDRAGON and his...
  2. Gildragon

    One of many sort of returns

    Thought i'd join ya bastards again for some KH news and media discussion So fanclubs are pretty much gone now? well that's cool
  3. Gildragon

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Birth by Sleep Worlds Trailer

    Its a love hate relationship with their fans I guess...
  4. Gildragon

    Is KH:DDD to come to Console?

    So with KH 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX games the only game (besides mobile) left out of the series to get a console is DDD. Has there been any speculation or confirmation for that matter on a separate PS3 or PS4 release? apologies if this has already been answered, I can't be on as frequently as I used to
  5. Gildragon

    Any additional 358/2 days cutscenes going to be voice acted?

    Thanks. this is what I wanted to know. although, that's not terribly disappointing since I've already played the game
  6. Gildragon

    Any additional 358/2 days cutscenes going to be voice acted?

    If this question has been answered I apologize. i'm trying to catch up on KH news I know for many of us it was a frustration when 358/2 days featured many story moments done in the less than stellar graphics of the DS and with text cutscenes telling much of the story. I'm curious if there has...
  7. Gildragon

    I emerge!

    Hey guys. Really missed this place. Is forum insanity still a thing? Thought I'd revisit this place since i'm all about wanting to catch up and follow with KH news again. Hope some of you remember me... at least the good parts anyway
  8. Gildragon

    Song: I Just Had Sex/Baby Lyric Swap

    Have you ever wondered what the song "BABY" would sound like with the lyrics of "I Just Had Sex" by the lonely Island? No? Really Noone? WELLLLL WONDER NO MORE. Sung to an acoustic instrumental... https://www.box.com/s/f596fd1e6dcbd3015c47
  9. Gildragon


    Would you consider yourself an Optimistic person? What do you do to remain optimistic? Do you find yourself more at ease when optimistic? How important is optimism in your life? Does your optimism affect other people? Discuss.
  10. Gildragon

    Help/Support ► Packaging Problem

    its not likely that the box will be opened. and if it is he has the documentation that will prove it's ok.
  11. Gildragon


    Soo I knwo some of you have seen these I would do anythign for love literal video Total eclipse of the heart literal video version or other videos like them but the guy who does them had a contest to cast a Bonnie Tyler as well as some cameo voices for his next video... like.. ALOOOOONG...
  12. Gildragon

    Hello Forum Friends

    This is Gildragon, or David McCarthy as my actual name is called Sooo I've "sort of" been back for a little while, in that occasionally post in my FC kind of way. But I miss some of the things offered here for forum wonderfulness that I am not really active in participating in on other...
  13. Gildragon

    Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

    Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! I love your stories, you silly goose. I do so love green eggs and ham and that jolly guy, that Sam I am And with my favorite character the grinch successful humor is a cinch The Lorax may be a successful movie I've got a feeling it will be groovy Oh the places you'll...
  14. Gildragon

    Gildragon's Valentine's Day Special

    Gildragon's Valentine's Day Special - YouTube Long time since I posted a song here... I hope you all enjoy
  15. Gildragon

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Post your stuff HERE! Gildragon got: A Nice Shirt Jeans New PJ's Batman Slippers A Batman Belt Bat Underwear A Batman Cap Batman Travel Mug Batman Coffee Mug Batman Shirt New Belt A box of various colognes and oils Clash of the titans on Blu-ray Cowboys and aliens on Blu-ray A New 160 GB PS3...
  16. Gildragon

    What Do YOU want for Christmas

    (hoping to get my traditional name change.. for Santa fun) Simple enough. What are you asking the Big man in Red for this year... or parents.. or. whoever?
  17. Gildragon

    Piano Cover: My Sanctuary (not me singing)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjVI2jx0wus This was done by one of my amazing singing friends on a voice commuity called Voice Hollywood. I really really liked it. so I thought I would share if you have an account on youtube. you should totally subscribe to her
  18. Gildragon

    Gildragon Covers "F*ck Her Gently" by Tenacious D

    ... yeah Gildragon - F_ck Her Gently.mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage this has problems that I couldn't fix. but I had a deadline to record this... umm hope you enjoy still can't believe I did this
  19. Gildragon

    Gildragon is the man your man could smell like

    YouTube - Gildragon - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like - Old Spice fandub (watch in HD) Hello Ladies look at this vid then comment to me. than back at you man and listen to me Sadly he isn't me but if stopped listening to your covers all the time and listened to this clip he could sound...