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  1. Darkrider S

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Ah yeah I can see what you mean by that. Personally I don't mind because I feel there's a decent enough balance. You want more enemies to fight just run through cavern of remembrance. I think the main reason people are saying critical is so difficult is that other games critical/proud modes...
  2. Darkrider S

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    For axel just spam Sonic rave whenever you can. Limit form is your friend. Demyx I'm unsure, I beat him on the first try Unsure, Level 99 seems Lonng to obtain (considering you reach endgame for each character in your late 20s if you plow through. Personally i went from beginner on the ps2 to...
  3. Darkrider S

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I wasn't expecting the difficulty of KH2 Critical. Like. No other kingdom hearts game compares, not BBS, not coded, not even CoM/KH1 on proud. Even a small mistake with MOBS get you killed. I can't count how many deaths i've had before i got used to it. What makes it worse is that I picked...
  4. Darkrider S

    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! YESSS FINALLY ON A PS3! *dances down the street*
  5. Darkrider S

    Official KH3D NA Release Date!

    Whoaaah O_O Earlier than expected But thats good ! :D Just got a new PS3 and all so doubt im getting the game on time x__x Gotta save up for a 3DS.
  6. Darkrider S

    KH3D Bug Halts Game Progression!

    Damnn that must've sucked x__x Were you able to beat him in the end?
  7. Darkrider S

    Red-Eyed Unknown

    IT'S MADARA UCHIHA !:O The eyessss The eyessss ! I'd love to fight Susanoo as a Boss battle for this :3. Ontopic: To be honets, I have no idea who this could be. There are loads of people it could be really. It could even be someone.somethign we didnt expect at all. Like how when we first Saw...
  8. Darkrider S

    KH 3D NA + EU Releases IN 2012 Confirmed!

    This has just amde my day :'). Thogyuh we're not given a definte month or date. at least they're acknowledging us for once :D
  9. Darkrider S

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Fuck it. I was about to give up on re:Coded but after watching this i've obnly gotten even mroe excited xDDD
  10. Darkrider S

    Kingdom Hearts 3D @ Jump Festa 2012!

    Wait wait wait, Ezio? :O asin THE Ezio is in Soul Calibur?!?! O.O Time for me to save up for these games xD Never played em before (Y)
  11. Darkrider S

    Kingdom Hearts 3D @ Jump Festa 2012!

    3D Pokemon :& The Tv show is already baffling with the new Season. I can live with abit mroe 2D ^_^. Dont forget Mario :D Mario is a must for any Nintendo console (y) The Only Console I'd never buy an entire console for si fi they released it on Xbox :/ better off borrowing a friends imo
  12. Darkrider S

    Kingdom Hearts 3D @ Jump Festa 2012!

    I'm hoping for some BBSV.2 news too :( practically the only reason i'm getting a 3DS is 1. for KH. 2. 3D games xDD Youg otta love the 3D (y)
  13. Darkrider S

    Kingdom Hearts 3D @ Jump Festa 2012!

    Dcember 17th ? :O Day after school closes \=D/ Happy happy happyyyy xDDD
  14. Darkrider S

    Last Scene of Kingdom Hearts: DDD predictions?

    I believe we've had our comclusion xD
  15. Darkrider S

    Last Scene of Kingdom Hearts: DDD predictions?

    B-B-BATMANNN xDDDD ......................
  16. Darkrider S

    New KH 3D Screens and Famitsu Article

    At least he's thinking about changing the costumes xD. And it says only the programmer can do the moves Riku does in the Trailer cuz their complicated? *raised Eyebrow*..... that only makes me wanna try it more!!! >:D
  17. Darkrider S

    KH3D HD trailer is up.

    I noticed that too! >.< I had thought i might be the only one who did.. do wouldn't this show that Sora and Riku are fighting Half of ansem and Xemnas? o.o Or their just illusions in the same Body?... I forgot my explanations now Dx
  18. Darkrider S

    Birth By Sleep Vol. 2 Worlds Theory/Speculation

    A Whole game after BBS and Before KH1? o.o Woohoo! (homer version) NOw I have something more to look forward too xD
  19. Darkrider S

    KH3D "prelude to the final battle".

    Anyone else feeling they trying to add Parkour in KH form the KH3D trailer?