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  1. LingeringVanitas

    a Dragon Quest Forum?

    I can tell nobody here is a Dragon Quest fan. Or else there would already be a DQ11 thread started since the game has been out for several weeks now. I can't seem to discuss it anywhere or get any help with the game other than seeing comments or watching youtube videos. Which is a surprise since...
  2. LingeringVanitas

    Birth By Sleep 0.2: Some items were unavailable during battle?!

    lol Where have you been? Its always been like this. Since the first game or should I say second? Since BBS is the first game in order. KH1 aka Kh2 you only can use like 6 or something....it was a number below 10 I think....after that your screwed basically. But who uses potions if you got a cure...
  3. LingeringVanitas

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 discussion

    Got the game finally yesterday. 40 bucks brand new from amazon. Can't play it yet because my bloody mother is hogging the tv. D: Plan on playing it a bunch today...
  4. LingeringVanitas

    How would you react to...

    I would love it. In fact I'm surprised they didn't put them into the HD version since it could have easily handled that many heartless on one screen. Since it wasn't just a direct port of Final Mix.
  5. LingeringVanitas

    New room discovered inside KH3D!

    Advertising a youtube account. I see what you did there.
  6. LingeringVanitas

    Can't wait for Reconnect

    That game is obviously going to be done before KH3.
  7. LingeringVanitas

    Transfir outfit to a second account?

    Okay so I been playing Chi for a few days, I already linked my outfit to my MAIN JPN Unchained game. But I got a second Unchained game. So, here is the question I made a SECOND Japanese Yahoo account. The funny part about this is....I go into the CHI game and guess what? It goes back to the same...
  8. LingeringVanitas

    KH2 Donald & Goofy vs KH1 Donald & Goofy.

    lol Neither....they didn't really change anything about them in KH2....they were just as useless in KH2 as they were in KH1. Half the time I keep them dead in almost the entire game.
  9. LingeringVanitas

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Still On Track For 2016 Release in NA/Europe

    David! <333 I'm a fan too. >w< Oh and that Yen Sid image looks bad....I agree. And, not much of a leak since it was seconds long lol....the "clapping" around the person seems real, and its an obvious phone camera video, but not sure why it was so short. Pretty sure you can record a lot longer...
  10. LingeringVanitas

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    BBSFM KH2FM CoM[GBA version] CoM[Ps2 version] Days Kh1 RECoded That's it. I wish I could put DDD on the list but I never played it since I don't own a 3DS....
  11. LingeringVanitas

    What is your favorite limit?

    Re: What is favorite limit? Honestly I never cared for the limits...I also never used the summons ever, well I "leveled" them up to get the bonus stuff they give you. But Limits....I was never a fan of them. They were weak most of the time, I think maybe Simba's Limit was probably my favorite...
  12. LingeringVanitas

    Roxas, is he more Sora or more Ventus

    More Ventus. Sora talks too much.
  13. LingeringVanitas

    That 300 draw Epic win

    Pulled a Illustrated Sephiroth out of the simple 300 draw. Did anyone else get that lucky on that?
  14. LingeringVanitas

    Least Favorite Drive Form?

    Wisdom, its the most useless Drive Form in the game.
  15. LingeringVanitas

    Any chance of a PS3 release?

    From this site and others. They started making it directly after the second game. It's common knowledge.
  16. LingeringVanitas

    Any chance of a PS3 release?

    They were originally making it for the ps3. In fact it was confirmed. Until they changed their minds and decided to wait for the ps4 to be released then they started to work on the ps4 version instead. Which basically ruins all chances of me ever playing it. Oh wait, scratch that. Didn't...
  17. LingeringVanitas

    Is Kairi a "mary-sue"?

    Ya, a girl from the 40's and 50's.
  18. LingeringVanitas

    Is Kairi a "mary-sue"?

    WTF LMAO What kind of topic is this? XD
  19. LingeringVanitas

    Lost everything I think[Bluestacks]

    I was trying to install Bluestacks over the current one I had. And I think I lost my save files. Bluestacks won't even install anymore, it says its installed but it isn't. And the install just stood there. I think I lost both my JPN game and my NA game on it. I got both on my phone but on...