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    Master Xehonort

    maby da aprentis lyk an unbirth. never was born so nva got a name so is just stealin others. lol dat was stupid
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    Castle Oblivion in Birth By Sleep

    isnt it gona play a sorta big role in BBs? da trailer where xemnas walks into the room with aquas armor? the armour had to get there sometime in BBs
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    I need help! It's addicting!

    me sorta mad at squar enix for releasing all these spoiler. i mean bbs isnt comin out till god knows wen. by the time we get it we'll already know half the story
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    Kairi related to Ansem the Wise?

    dis posible. and if she not his daughter she is defently conected somehow.
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    Level at Destiny Islands

    i hayed DI> Da part where riku gose all dark and the whole island is sinking into the shadows. i couldnt see a am thing!
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    I'm rebuying this game but need a decison

    lol i think i lost da shield.
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    Xion's Purpose Theory

    can xion be a nobody made from kiaris memories in sora?
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    358/2 day heartless

    so wait. the org was usin roxas to collect hearts right? but then he ditched them so they used sora insteds right?
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    xion rip

    umm did anyone notice zexions grave being all torn up and stuff? you couldnt tell if it was red or blue. could he still be alive or not com pletly dead?
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    Days Release Date? Plus Re:Riplai Interviews!

    cant wait for days
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    I don't understand Terra= Xemnas when Xemnas= Master Xehanort is more likely

    i do think axle may be connected to xemnas somehow but i really doubt he is MX or xemnas
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    I don't understand Terra= Xemnas when Xemnas= Master Xehanort is more likely

    ummm this is a question iv had for a long time but did sora fighting terras armor in khFM have anything to do with the storyline? or is this gonna be a big thing in kh3 or possobly coded
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    Element of Xion

    dose every nobody have to have a element?
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    Playable characters in 358/2 Days

    i dont know about anyone else but i cant wait to play as zexion and xigabar
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    terra meets sora????

    like in final mix you can battle any orginization charater you want in hollow bastion. it dosnt affect the storyline but its in the game
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    Did anybody else see this? (Small Analysis)

    these are already known
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    Ventus | Roxas | Birth By Sleep

    this is just me but wat if he was xemnas? xemnas could of chose roxas to klill the heartless but instead he chose sora?
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    i got it!!!!!!!!!! kh 358/2

    wait a asec. over 2 means that there two people right? so the second one is obiusly xion so that means they had the same lifespan?? or that they were born on the same day?