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    Some KH3D bits in this week's Famitsu.

    D: I was hoping that the fact we got a trailer meant they were further along than this... Oh well, I'd prefer a good game with a longer wait than a rushed game now. Also, that gameplay sounds...interesting? It could work, I guess.
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    In what order do you like KH?

    KH1 - Might be nostalgia, but I think it has the best storyline, and the battles are fun even if they're a little...flawed. (pff I should have more to say about my favorite game) CoM - More good storyline, and this half of Org. XIII seemed more believable and developed than the others. I...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    Okay, this trailer is awesome. Jumping off walls? ASoD and Xemnas? YESSSS. The title's a bit...strange, but it's already growing on me. xD I have my fingers crossed for January 2012 - maybe, maaaaaybe this December, but I doubt it - hopefully we don't get stuck in the localization hell we had in...
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    The last Ansem fight on Riku's story. AGH :K At least in Re:CoM he actually shut up and didn't yell "DARKNESS SUBMIT DARKNESS SUBMIT DARKNESS SUBMIT" for the whole battle. The final Larxene was pretty bad for me too...