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    Who do you think will be the secret boss?

    Maybe The Heartless of Xehanort???? (ANSEM) btw. have you guys any idea on wich World the Secret Boss Possible is=?
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    I Have a Good Feeling.

    Hello! BBS has fixed some Questions. And in the Secret Ending there is Sora Riku and Kairi could that be KH3? And my Heart(lol) Tells me that the next KH Game is KH3 =). --------------------------------- BTW is this Diz in the Secret Ending with the Org.XIII Costum? (Sorry for the Bad...
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    What is Lingering Sentiment ?

    I know about the Terra Battle! But wasnt he called the elecmetic Soldier?? and i have final mix!!! I fought him i know he is strong!!!
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    What is Lingering Sentiment ?

    sorry!!! Im a Idiot! But the peoples talks about Lingering Sentiment in bbs! What is Lingering Sentiment? Please Answer! CloudStrifeSmile
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    Your Favorite ► Favourite VideoGame Music!

    What is your Favourite Video Game Music?? My Fav is Clash on the big brigde from Final Fantasy V
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    More than one Secret Boss?

    In the newest interview nomura said that there will be a Secret Boss in Birth by Sleep. My Question do you is : Is there more than one Secret Boss? I mean if there only is one Secret Boss fight,who will fight him? Is it in Aqua´s Story or in Terra´s Story or in Ven´s Story?!? So i thought maybe...
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    Lia or Lea??? WTF?

    Ok. We all know that Axels Human Name is Lea! But on the Famitsu scan his name is Lia! LOOK! (Look at his Human name)
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    How Long?

    OK in birth by Sleep every Character has a own Story! But my Question is how long is a Story? i mean so about 10 Hours for example´?? Can you tell me?:confused::confused::confused:
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    Kairis Memories?!!

    Has anyone Noticed that Kairi holds a Flower in her Hands (in the new Scans I mean) :35: Maybe the Flower is Kairis Memorie?! LOL i realy dont know but the KH Storys are always so Fucked up!:36::36::36::36:
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    Comes KH Coded really to PSP?:confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Ienzo = Vanitas ??

    Re: Ienso = Vanitas ?? Yeah but Ienso/Zexion is Bad ;)
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    Ienzo = Vanitas ??

    Have you ever thought about that Ienso is Vanitas??? That would be Cool ;D