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    A creative writing section

    A traditional eight paragraph essay written with Intro - main point 1-3 / counter arguments 1-3 / conclusion. Critique it, please, I would love it. ------------ Joining a discourse community is a very important task that most people should strive to achieve. In doing so, one creates a road for...
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    Which are you more excited for?

    Needless to say I'm more exited for kingdom hearts 2 final mix
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    When will 2.5 be announced

    I am dying for 2.5 to be announced already. Although I suppose we shouldn't hold our breath?
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    Will 2.5 include BBSV2?

    At thsi point I do not believe BBSV2 is a game or even a thing. however it may have been a movie alluding to Dream Drop Distance.
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    How long does it take for you to make a post?

    I know this may seem like a spam thread but it is more ofa social experiment you see what I think is that many of us can shoot out posts without really taking much to reflet on grammar and what not. I am not master of English language so my post are not the best, however I do try to revise (?)...
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    Who sealed whose heart?

    Oqh, thank you very mcuh for explanation Sephiroth0812! I was very confused with that line
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    KH1.5 will use original English voices?

    Will it? I do not know this for truth. Something in me says they will redo the voicing - but recent trailer seems to contradict?
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    Isa or Saix, who attacked Lea?

    it was Isa no? Lea says "Isa" after the man attacks him
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    Favorite Reality Shift?

    I love COuntry's for the comic background ^^
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    Seven Guardians of Light and Thirteen Seekers of Darkness

    Multiple reasons i believe 1) Ven's heart went to Roxas [confirmed iirc] 2) Ven's heart wasn't yet finished healing 3) maybe Ven's heart couldn't solve the mystery of Castle Oblivion so it couldn't make it back to his Body; remebmer it requires Aqua to solve
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    Who is stronger: Sora or Riku?

    Sora is technically the strongest thanks to his heart, he's just naive is all. Riku isn't as strong as Sora but he's been throguh it all so he has a better head on his shoulders
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    Who sealed whose heart?

    Bit of spoilers for Final Episode but when Aqua beats the shizzle out of Terranort, Terranort says "This'll teach you, get out of my heart!" So who sealed whose heart then??
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    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    even with mission variety it is still suppoed to be limited this is ROXAS after all the one who works as the organisation's "Sora" did Sora do anything in his quests bar defeat X heartless, or defeat Boss??? no
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    Poll: Flipped Vs Default

    I prefer default simply because I never noticed that up was down. If I changed it, I'd probably be irritated. Then again, I play BBS using my PS3 controller, so it's not a big deal. ;)
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    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    combat was repetitive but honestly is any KH game NOT repetitive in the combat? The music was great the scenarios was great all of the things in this game great. except for the writing. the writing was SUPERB. the best of the series
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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - What VAs do you want to see return for KH3? I know this is unrelistic but I would absolutely love for Bill Zane to return to KH3. just for KH3 for that triumphant return
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    Where is the link to this game

    sorry if this is dub question but where is the link to this game? Or is Kingdom Hearts Chi a movie?
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    What is the objective of Command Board?

    Hello, sorry if this is a dumb question..but I have been playing Birth by Sleep (Japanese) and Birth by Sleep -Final Mix- lately, and there's the Command Board. However I don't speak Japanese. What si the objective of the CB, and what does it ultimately do? I know it gives you higher Arena Levels.
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    Possibility of a Wii U version

    Alright the availabilty of KH3 on XONE was heavily unexpected and really offensive to me as a long-time fan; KH to me was a Sony and Nintendo franchise, not a Sony and Microshift franchise. But, all hope may not be lost. I know Square Enix has KH3 on XONE because of its financial situation...
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    What are your concerns with 2.5?

    Worried about the Data battles being made to be 2EZ as well as BBS Mirage Arena.