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  1. khspartan14

    Data Roxas>Your favorite character in the series

    Even Pete? Man, the Kairi hate is surprising. Princesses aren't supposed to do anything!
  2. khspartan14

    Xehanort's revival question

    Cool, that makes sense, thanks you guys!
  3. khspartan14

    Xehanort's revival question

    Sorry if this has been answered a million times already, I've been off the forum for awhile. Why is it that Master Xehanort was revived with the demise of Ansem SoD and Xemnas, and not Apprentice Xehanort? Xemnas is Terra's body, and Ansem SoD is Terra and MX's heart mixed right?
  4. khspartan14

    Namine Question

    That'd be pretty sweet if she was, I hope there'd be a female seeker. Larxene was gonna, not anymore unfortunately. Say what you will about Xehanort, at least he is an equal opportunity body stealer. (Boy vessel Xehanort + girl vessel xehanort= New saga villain) Ok that does make sense, but...
  5. khspartan14

    Namine Question

    Gosh, I never realized how confusing Namine is. She is so mysterious, she'd be the perfect thirteenth vessel. Time travel back to Castle Oblivion, and Young Xehanort offers her the Crayola 52-0029 150-Count Telescoping Crayon Tower, Storage Case and Sharpener to join his side. Her greed will...
  6. khspartan14

    Namine Question

    I wish they said that Namine had to return to Kairi for whatever reason. Namine just merges with her, and if Namine hadn't, would there have been a problem? And does Namine appearing in 3D imply she's somehow trapped in Sora's heart? Cause it goes from her to Xion to Roxas, the latter of whom...
  7. khspartan14

    Namine Question

    From the way I've understood Namine, she's a nobody created from Kairi's heart, and Sora's body & soul. My question is, if Roxas had to return to Sora because he was half his body, why would Namine return to Kairi instead of Sora, when she is made from him?
  8. khspartan14

    Kingdom Hearts Chronicles

    One.Billion.Munny, classic.
  9. khspartan14

    Terra Darkness/Keyblade Question

    In KH1, the Kingdom Key passes over Riku because he invited or chose darkness, something like that. He gets a boost in power from Maleficent, and finally possessed by Ansem, SoD. My question is, since Terra actually got possessed by Maleficent briefly in Enchanted Dominion, and his heart...
  10. khspartan14

    Kingdom Hearts Chronicles

    The two primary guys who do this are Aro and Black Rose.
  11. khspartan14

    Kingdom Hearts Chronicles

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywh7iyshkCk Did anybody else watch this back in the days of flash animation and newgrounds? I feel like I've seen these as long as I've played the games. They don't make them like they used to.
  12. khspartan14

    HD 2.5 End Credits

    ^This. It'd be cool if they had put all the 3D cutscenes into a movie. I mean it would be a waste, but I kind of doubt an HD release of the game.
  13. khspartan14

    Another Musical World?

    Personally, I very much enjoyed the musical Atlantica in KH2. If I'm going to rehash the original movie, I might as well have a quicktime musical game. Not to mention I disliked Atlantica in the first game (icky design, just blue-grey everywhere yuck). So I was wondering if anybody else wanted a...
  14. khspartan14

    13 Seekers of Darkness Question

    From what we've seen so far, do any of the seekers of darkness actually live in the present, or are they all past selves. Like Ansem, Xemnas, Saix, Xaldin were all killed (seems like the wrong word), and YMX just brought them from the past with time travel right? Is Master Xehanort the only one...
  15. khspartan14

    Young Xehanort Time Travel Question (Sorry)

    In KH 3D, Young Xehanort says he is going back to his time, to live the life he's supposed to, and become Master Xehanort. He says he's going to lose all his memories and experiences gained in the events of 3D. My question is, how will MX get his younger self there for KH3? If he lost all his...
  16. khspartan14

    Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever!?

    For the ones I've played: KH: Only annoying, rather than difficult, boss for me is Kurt Zisa. Original CoM: Haven't gotten to Recom yet, but a tie between Riku Replica 3? I believe is the hard one, and final Ansem for Riku KH2: Sephiroth and the big turtle thing from Pride Lands. Whenever I'm...
  17. khspartan14

    3D FM HD

    Haha really, I didn't know that. Well, then I'm kind of surprised so many people brought up in my other thread then:confused:. So most likely, just a regular HD if anything.
  18. khspartan14

    3D FM HD

    From my last thread, a lot of people brought up the possibility of a 3D final mix remaster. I kind of doubt it'll be a thing, but what would everybody here want included? And for what system(s)? For me, I'd want it on next gen systems, so it'd look extra shiny, and get used to next gen KH...
  19. khspartan14

    Time Travel Theory

    But didn't the big finale scene with Riku/Mickey and Master Xehanort happen in real life, aka not a dream? All the incarnations there time traveled there, then time traveled away. (Not sure all of them, but the incarnations of Xehanort)
  20. khspartan14

    Potential Release Year for KH3

    I remember hearing something that Nomura wanted a game every year starting with Days, which has been true. But I'm not sure if that's hearsay or not. So with 2.5 coming out this year, should we expect KH3 to release in 2015? From the fact at E3 he said was unsure of even revealing it at its...