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  1. Xinjust

    The "Key" to Ven's Identity.

    If there is an answer, maybe its that Donald and Goofy were present, when Sora released his heart with the keyblade.
  2. Xinjust

    Fanfiction ► [KH] The Eyes Behind (Riku/Xion)

    You're using En dashes (-), where you should be using Em dashes (—). Only critizism I got, not that it matters because it's just a line. Other than that, awesome short.
  3. Xinjust

    Official 358/2 Days Site Updates with DKS3713 Trailer!

    A lot of members have cloaks uniquely different than the standard cloak in some way. -Axel's sleeves are tigther. -Xigbar's shoulders stand out more, and are exagerated to points. - Roxas wears shoes instead of boots. -Xaldin's sleeves are wider than others'. -Demyx's shoulders are boldged...
  4. Xinjust

    Why didn't Riku forget about Sora while everyone else did?

    SA and I have gone head to toe on this one. I say, Riku didn't forget. Why? T-M pretty much summed it up, but I believe other reasons to it as well.
  5. Xinjust

    The Chocobo

    The Chocobo has been revealed in the KH series before, though only minorly, and it didn't really have a role. [Keyblade] It's appearance was as the keychain, Metal Chocobo, which you recieve from Cloud in the Hercules Cup during Kingdom Hearts 1. If the creators are willing to give the...
  6. Xinjust

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread Really? I was watching G4/tech.tv one night. My best friend and I had pre-ordered the game over a quarter of the year earlier. We were gonna go to Game Stop first thing in the morning, and that night we saw the first commercial released for KH2 in...
  7. Xinjust

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread How thoughtful. -I'll be pre-ordering ReCoM, I first seen footage of it over two years ago for Japan's release. I think North America's waited long enough.
  8. Xinjust

    Silhouette Dolls: And the Mischievious Art

    Chapter 1: Lesson #1: The Art of Elusiveness An enigma dressed in a black tux waved to the crowd of ten people, slowly but surely escorting a maiden upon the wooden stage. She was an innocent young woman, around the age of eighteen no less. White gloves invaded her vision, as the tuxed man...
  9. Xinjust

    bbs maybe the the same.....

    Disney Press published a book series based on Jack Sparrow's teen years. It was before the Black Pearl's time, and all of the other movie events including Will and Elizabeth. Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The story was originally written to tie in...
  10. Xinjust

    unbirth theory

    In Another Report, I believe Nomura claimed that in KH1, the hearts that were freed from defeated heartless returned to their rightful owner in whichever world that may be. Afterwords they reclaim their bodies back and return to their original selves. -Though in KH2, he said; "The hearts...
  11. Xinjust

    Have you beat CoM?

    Yes, I've beaten it quite a few times. And I'm looking forward to Re:CoM as an earlier Christmas gift ^_^
  12. Xinjust

    Xehanort's Alliance

    -Throwing another poll your way. I was reading over Another Report when a sense of irony struck me. Nomura stated that when a Heartless is defeated, its heart will essensially return to it's owner's, no matter what the world. Though, if the owner has become a Nobody, the heart has no container...
  13. Xinjust

    Destiny Islands

    Well I believe perhaps- *Looks at your avi* >.> Super Saiyan Gohan! Dude, I'ma go watch DBZ now. *Becomes a slave to youtube*
  14. Xinjust

    Destiny Islands

    I heard he sent her to find the keyblade master, or to detect if he was there or something along those lines. I'm not sure on that.
  15. Xinjust

    Destiny Islands

    Kairi seemed to be sporting some kind of school outfit in the beginning of KH2. So I'd like to see more of the populated island life, parents, and the mayor's house. Also, I'd want to see some sort of school building as well. Along with SRK's houses. Selphie also mentioned Wakka and Tidus were...
  16. Xinjust

    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    BBS will be awesome, and I have to get a PSP as well. -I'm still laughing about something on your Usernames thread Rixam. Arab Wakka Lol! XD
  17. Xinjust

    ~Future KH Mangas~

    -Hey everyone, no idea/theory this time around. As we know, the 3 upcoming titles for the Kingdom Hearts installment are on their way, which usually is followed by a manga of sorts. -But. Although they could take their time with it, and gradually write manga volumes- 3 Novel Stories might take...
  18. Xinjust

    Terra - Xehenort

    Uh oh. Someone get the reflect mages, Yttrxium's about to go on a rampage! =0 To be on topic: We've heard something like this already before. I think from Yannis.
  19. Xinjust

    Terra - Xehenort

    It's a whole lot better than most member's first post. Welcome to KHI ^_^