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  1. J

    What exactly is this game meant to accomplish?

    Re:coded doesn't advance the plot very much. But it is imo the best handheld NINTENDO kingdom hearts game. It has a lot of challenge and if you do get it play on Proud.
  2. J

    Mark of...

    Seeing as Sora has beaten Riku many times during the series (or beaten people who have ALMOST beaten Riku i.e Roxas) If one person had to win it would be Sora.
  3. J

    Anyone Else Disappointed by Lea's Significance?

    I was pretty excited to see Lea in RG. But, you only see him for about five minutes in Ven's story only. I thought he would have had a more significant role. What does everyone else think.
  4. J

    New Re:Coded Trailer from IGN

    If seeing that the hooded person looks like Riku spoils the biggest point in the game, the story doesn't sound very good. One point will barely spoil it. I never saw anyone complain how spoiler-ish the BBS trailers were when it directly gave away that Terra gave himself to darkness. And that...
  5. J

    KH3D To be Shown at Nintendo World 2011

    Kingdom Hearts 3D, among 31 other games, will be shown at Nintendo World on Jan. 8th to 10th. Unfortunately, it won't be playable. For a full list of all the games to be shown, click the link below. Source: 32 Nintendo 3DS titles to be shown in Tokyo next month- Destructoid Edit: OMG...
  6. J

    Xions hood on or off?!

    I was WTF and left it at that. I don't get why most things happen until I have beaten the game, and came here. Edit: I bumped, sort of, sorry.
  7. J

    BBS:FM Jump Festa 2011 Trailer

    I want to fight No Heart and Eraqus' Armor but, I don't think the stuff added to BBSFM is worth importing. I think KH2FM was worth importing (which I did) but not this. I will just look up the boss fights, new cutscenes, and secret episode on youtube which will most likely be leaked early, like...
  8. J

    His death

    Did Ven absorb Vanitas back into his heart? But I think I'm really wrong. If he did, he might be in Sora, he could have taken Sora's darkness? Maybe he wants to recreate the X-Blade like MX wanted to?
  9. J

    Theory on How Xehanort Became A Heartless

    Perhaps Terra's heart is in Ansem SoD's body and when Ansem SoD took over Riku's body, Terra's heart escaped into Riku. That's just my guess :/
  10. J

    Re:Coded Launch Event

    Re: Coded Launch Event Looks like Japan gets everything, then USA gets something else. Canada is left in the dark. >:/
  11. J

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D's story on par with main titles and will have a shocking ending. It also says in the article that the re:Coded secret ending is directly related to 3D. So I guess that confirms KHI's suspicions of the MoM Exam taking place in 3D.
  12. J

    Secret episode theory

    I honestly don't care who it is about, I just want some insight to KH3 or KH3D, but I don't see that happening. Edit: Now that I think about it, maybe it will be about Ven or Terra? Or maybe the Secret Episode won't take place during BBS' time, maybe later in the storyline.
  13. J

    Hiya Everybody!

    Yeah, I have already been here since 09 but I never introduced myself. In the past, I have looked at the topic and left it at that. But I want to convey my ideas on my favourite game series. Anywho, I'm 14, I started playing Kingdom Hearts games the Christmas when re:CoM came out in America...
  14. J

    Does this come as a Surprise?

    Game of the Decade has come to KH1 VS KH2. What do you think of KH2 winning? Agree? Disagree? I for one (idc what any of you say) agree with this poll.
  15. J

    Disappointed about the Absence of 3D at Jump Festa

    I for one am disappointed that we won't see anything for 3D. But then again, it is too early for that. But hopefully we will get SOME sort of announcement. So fingers crossed for E3.
  16. J

    ANOTHER MF Theory (slightly based on other theories so far)

    I thought that MF was more like Xemnas' Armor having command over multiple elements. You see him use Time (When you hit him with Physical Attacks) Fire (His running thing) Xigbar's thing in his KH2 Battle, among others.
  17. J

    Terra V.S a secret boss

    There is a 4th Story which just consists of two boss battles. But it is necessary for facing Vanitas' Sentiment.
  18. J

    KH2FM+ Controls

    Nope all the controls are the same. Only difference is that in KH2 O was jump instead of Attack.
  19. J

    Do you think?

    Hmm... I don't know, Sora would probably have a Chain-Saw like Square originally intended lol
  20. J

    Game of The Decade

    Just like to say that the GameFAQs poll for Game of the Decade today is Kingdom Hearts II VS Halo 2 and KHII is pwning. If KHII wins then it will faceoff against Bioshock. And one of the next poles is gonna be Kingdom Hearts versus some Castlevania game. Just something I wanted to share :P