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    Easiest boss

    I voted for Saix. Maybe that was because I expected him to be as hard as Organization 13 bosses in Kingdom hearts 2, but he went down quickly and easily.
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    Worst world in the game

    I love Halloween Town. :cry: Wonderland was annoying simply because of all those little flying things. And then the Emerald Serenade, the biggest annoying flying thing, and you have to kill him twice in Wonderland.
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    will axel roxas and xion ever have ice cream again?!

    Well, both Xion and Roxas are inside Sora so whenever he has an ice cream bar Roxas and Xion are technically having ice cream together. As for Axel, I think I heard from someone that it is possible that a Nobody can be brought back or something, but I'm not sure.
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    xDD Who else thought the game was glitched or they made a mistake when (first third of game spoilers

    I thought it was a glitch until right after the scene ended and I had a chance to think about it.
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    Significance of the title

    Xion wasn't with Roxas the whole time, but she did exist from the start ( in a zombie like state). So she could still be included in the /2.
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    Did anyone else pronounce it wrong?

    I pronounced it "Zee-on". When Axel said her name he kind of sounded french for some reason, but I say it like he does now.
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    The "ultra-hard" Leech Grave?

    This boss took about 3 tries for me. The first time I died instantly, the second I tried taking out the enemies with him, but still go killed when the boss recovered. Third try I found out I can do 2 combos on him and then air dash away just in time to dodge his evil claw attak of death. Just...
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    I hate Emerald Serenades the most. However, I found out that using a blizard attack to freeze them, then zapping them with lighting while they are down hurts them a lot. It only takes about 2 minutes to finish them off that way. Other then the Emerald Serenade, I also hate his little cousin's...
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    Who else here hates premium cards?

    I mostly use my premium room map cards as requirments for the storyline room things. But you still get premium cards in moogle rooms so it is unavoidable. I was just seeing if other people find them worthless as well. It's not like I throw my controller through the t.v. when a moogle gives me a...
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    Level up bonus

    I do about a 2 to 1 ratio with CP being the first one. Right now I'm working on a game where I never level up my HP, then I'll do one never leveling up my CP (which will be much harder and longer and more patience).
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    Who else here hates premium cards?

    I understand the uses of them but I don't really like them in my deck. I hate how you use them once and they are gone for that battle. Of course you can bring an item card with you to reload them but item cards are expensive so you might as well get cards that don't dissapear after a single use...
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    Who is girlier???? spoiller lol

    I remember when Vexen's character was first revealed everyone thought he was a girl because of his name and there was only one screenshot to go with him and he looked like a girl (he had a big chest in the screenshot. I forgot if his hood was up or down). ;P Marluxia, on the other hand, is...
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    Axels Plan

    Maybe Axel knew he would betray them too so he thought he'd get a head start? :o
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    PoH = BWHoPL?

    I think to be a PoH you have to be a BWHoPL, but if you are a BWHoPL you aren't neccesarily a PoH. So that's the main difference in my opinion.
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    Did Terra seal Destiny Island's Keyhole?

    I don't think Ven sealed it because the heartless destoryed the heart of the world, right? That's why the world dissapeared.
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    Another Unbirth idea

    That was probably sarcasm on his part being that Xion was actually the fake.
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    Have you beat it with only 80 HP?

    Oopi-daisies. It's my computers fault, I swear! lol (Actually it kind of is because it acted like my first post wasn't posted for some reason) To The One is Here: I have 5 0's in my deck. Once I did that that's when I got him down to less then half health. I'll just need a couple more tries, I...
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    Have you beat it with only 80 HP?

    (I'm terribly sorry about this double post. You may delete it)
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    Have you beat it with only 80 HP?

    Thanks. Wish me luck because I'm still having trouble fighting the final Riku. I did get his green bar to show about halfway in my latest attempt. He killed me while I was reloading my deck. :(
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    Who would you pick as Lord of Castle Oblivion?

    I think Maluxia did a fine job as leader. Perhaps Saix would be a good candidate for lord of castle oblivion after Maluxia if he wasn't already dead.