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  1. libraxege

    Terra sees riku in the future?

    Hey guys, I just dont understand why in birth by sleep, throughout the game there were in some cutscenes some subliminal scenes where we could see things that will huppen in the future. Like in this scene when terra was talking to riku, he sees him like MX and then like riku in KH2 YouTube -...
  2. libraxege

    Midnight Release

    i pre ordered on amazon, so no midnight release here!
  3. libraxege

    BBS Europe and US different versions and CO-OP mode does it work?

    oh ok thank you guys. My firend will buy an italian BBS on the italian PSP, and im buiyng an english BBS and plaiyng it on my italian PSP. But if u tell me the ad-hoc will work, im really happy.
  4. libraxege

    Another take on '3D'

    i bet the name will be 3 destinies
  5. libraxege

    Re:coded release date MArch 31 2011 on amazon

    Re:coded release date MArch 31 2011 on amazon Hey guys, is this real? Amazon.com: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded: Video Games amazon says that re:coded will be released Mar 31 2011 and available for pre order... is it true?
  6. libraxege

    Has your BBS shipped yet?

    amazon.com or .co.uk ? is it collector edition?
  7. libraxege

    Has your BBS shipped yet?

    From which site u pre ordered the game guys?
  8. libraxege

    BBS Europe and US different versions and CO-OP mode does it work?

    Hey guys, I pre-ordered my BBS collector edition from amazon.co.uk, and is shipping it in italy (cuz im in italy), there are any differences between the European and American version of the game? Cuz I've heard Nomura say in the last interview that the NA version will get a critical mode and an...
  9. libraxege

    Is BBS going to be released internationally JAN.9.2010?

    Hey guys, is bbs going to be released internationally Jan.9.2010???
  10. libraxege

    Help!!! SPOILER!

    i just got it...i need to take the emblems when they are green with the circle -.- thanx guys
  11. libraxege

    Help!!! SPOILER!

    how do i get all the secret reports??? In every mission i miss just 1 emblem...where is that?
  12. libraxege

    Significance of the title

    Well guys...if u think about it...358 are the days roxas was in the organization. He met xion the 7th or 8th day right? so it couldnt be 358 together (roxas and xion), becouse it would be 351/2 days. Neither would be the days spent in the organization for roxas and xion because xion HAS NEVER...
  13. libraxege

    Help!!! SPOILER!

    Hey guys, I finished the game, ok...but i want to finish all the missions but i think the emblems missions are quite impossible to finish. I find all the emblems but then always 1 is missin, or i just need "_" this to finish the mission. What should I do? Then how many secret reports are in the...
  14. libraxege

    few questions...(spoilers)

    i actually still dont get why they have a keyblade if they dont have a hearts. Then, shouldn't xion's keyblade be a sham??? then why roxas can wield it??? and why xion resembles kairi (with black hairs???) to roxas???
  15. libraxege

    Coded overseas!

    Hey guys, i just finished 358/2 days, (u probably dont mind) well, i was hoping that coded would be released overseas because it would answer alot of our questions! Or a few probably. Do you know if it's coming in NA or Eu??? If so, then for wich cell phones? When'll we have more info about...
  16. libraxege

    few questions...(spoilers)

    I think there's some connection to ventus...since he was freezed...cuz we saw xion was ventus at xigbar's eyes
  17. libraxege

    few questions...(spoilers)

    Hey guys, I just finished the game...brilliant! Except for some things i just didnt get or i have questions that u might answer! 1)Why Xigbar can see Ventus in xion's face? 2) Wasn't there a video with axel asking roxas if he has a heart? i dont remember what video is it! 3) Wasn't there...
  18. libraxege

    I dont get...are all the ORGANIZATIONXIII members dead?

    Hey guys, I didnt get if all the organization xiii members are dead??? because i was reading the main page about demyx and it said that he's one of the few members that didnt die. Is that right? I thought they were all dead...becausde he was fading away after his battle with sora. Well if it...
  19. libraxege

    358/2 days 2 NDS

    Hey guys, I have a request, if I buy an Italian Nds and an american 358\2 days, and if my friend buys an italian Nds and italian 358\2 days, will we be able to play multiplayer together????
  20. libraxege

    PSP and BBS

    yessssssssssssssssssssssss, thank you guys!