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    Favorite Focus

    aqua then ven then terra
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    TVA's keychain

    i love aqua's keyblade even more
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    BBS travel methods

    i think Terra's is a jet ski, Ventus's is a board and Aqua's is kind of a plane thingy (or somthing like that)
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    BBS Release day + Price

    can you play a japanese game on an american psp or do ya need a japanese one?
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    Which will be the hardest?

    i really think we need to relax and just keep our FOCUS on the truth that Aqua is the strongest
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    Which will be the hardest?

    I for one think aqua's will be the hardest since She's well the 1 i think shall become master before terra and ventus and just causes she's zetta strong and overly sexy >:3
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    Who will you play as first

    aqua ven then terra since i dont like him >:3
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    More in-depth summary of Ep. 3 [Spoilers]

    the hooded guy or girl is not of the org xiii
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    BBS Gameplay Question

    right my back sorry
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    BBS Gameplay Question

    i thinkthe whole d-link thing is armor related
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    BBS Gameplay Question

    fire blazer ,thunder jet ,speed rave are mode's photon rush ,star burst are shoot locks there is also D-link and focus but i know nothing of them .
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    bbs leveling up

    maybe the armor grow as you go up a rank (not saying there is ranks in the game that we know of yet but still)
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    Who Do You Want To Voice MX?

    the dude who plays valdamort i think he be good
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    bbs having another story?

    all three game are ithink as long as the first game or longer each
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    Master Xehonort

    maybe master's can turn their keyblade's into a sphere thingy and morph it into other things or weapons like what the lingering sentiment / sentinel did .
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    Master Xehonort

    he was fighting off three and what about the whole turning his keyblade in to a sphere thing?
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    Master Xehonort

    why must the joy die ?
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    Master Xehonort

    What makes Xehanort a master? beside the keychain.
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    Riku and Xion connection

    they connected since if they weren't xion would not have turned into riku for that small time.
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    4 elements

    why is tetsuya not showing any info on aqua?