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  1. devastater147

    I wonder...

    I don't know if that's completely the answer but part of it. you have to take into account at the end of the Terranort fight where he stabs himself with the Keyblade and that while MX is control says, "why do you resist?" Thus she could be thinking he freed himself when he stabbed himself with...
  2. devastater147

    Vanitus and riku connection

    I didn't mean interchange just that their names are similar and sound simliar and it happened um all the time Roxas-sora Xemnas-ansem every nobody that has a somebody 2. no they don't have that connection of Rival. The Ansems had the connection of master and apprentice, colleague at the most...
  3. devastater147

    Vanitus and riku connection

    alright I meant Ventus and Vanitas see if change the e and the u to a and add a i between the n and t you get Vanitas and you can do the same thing visa versa Nomura said the name was perfect in corrlation to VENTUS, and those name, that you listed, still have a connection ansem SoD stole the...
  4. devastater147

    Vanitus and riku connection

    but you can't forget that his voice actor is the same person who voices the japanese sora and their names kinda like even if mess around with the spell the letter aren't off by much either I think Riku wanted to of his own free will and wasn't influenced by anyone but I can't say for sure
  5. devastater147

    [coded+spoilers] The Cloaked Man's identity

    but how did she get through using the timeless river doorway if Sora locked it? about that sleep line malefiecent says to day Riku about making sleep again could she be refering to the real Riku at the beginning of COM RR? just a thought
  6. devastater147

    Xion's "placement"

    well isn't she a girl for sure since her appearance on changed but her voice was the same oh and Xemnas saw as more than just him and her original appearance or at least that what nomura implied so I don't know and that she was for the most part get her sense of self from the Kairi of Sora's...
  7. devastater147

    ansem the wise

    that why I changed it to just a bigger role
  8. devastater147

    ansem the wise

    yea that what he said in his interview but he was the deep voice at the beginning of the new trailer I guess. So, I'm betting narrator if he has a bigger role
  9. devastater147

    ansem the wise

    two guess he's either not important to the story(which I doubt if there having his voice speak on a trailer and say important lines unless he'll be the narrator or something) He's has a huge role and to show him would give something away(this one makes sense since nomura has been putting to...
  10. devastater147

    Who is Xehanort?

    and the fusion theories come to try and save the day
  11. devastater147


    do we know what keyblades are made of yet, or is that still in the dark? don't close the thread once the answer is said because unless the answers yes because I have thoughts.
  12. devastater147

    BBS Release in US?...?

    probably in early april since they don't want it to conflict with FFXIII
  13. devastater147

    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    it just a voice actor who cares if it from HSM as long as they deliever the lines amazingly and make the character awesome evil or however the characters suppose to feel to the audience. what a contract that they can't reveal who they are what when was this put in effect? I could see this for...
  14. devastater147

    MX not evil theory

    it seems plausible to me, but I believe from the all the trailers, espically the last one, that MX is just acting to be the good guy so he can move along with his plans uninterupted.
  15. devastater147

    If Terra is Xehanort/Xenmas how will you feel about the latter now?

    the original post said he had them just never in his original state
  16. devastater147

    Who is Vanitas?

    What if Sora was to be like Vanitas Riku like Ventus but because of the whole KK going to somebody esle the secenario changed? Vanitas being clone seems the most plasusible since it explain the whole cloning project started up in Castle Oblivion when the organizatiion moved in and how the...
  17. devastater147

    If Terra is Xehanort/Xenmas how will you feel about the latter now?

    I feel the same he's intergrated moves from that very fight into game as piece to the story and in combat my bad whatever orange color that's close to the darkness
  18. devastater147

    If Terra is Xehanort/Xenmas how will you feel about the latter now?

    Riku had yellow eyes too, just never in his orignal appearance. Ansem the wise had them because he used darkness to get of the realm in between or relm of twilight, I don't remeber which one he was in though.
  19. devastater147

    Roxas new breed of possible nobody and possible evidence

    exactly thats what I meant about at first we write it off until we know more and yes the scene can be look many ways hence holes so underage nobodies are just irrational/extremely intricate :cry: man this is brutal I hope Nomura has perfected explanation for all this man I can't wait BBs...
  20. devastater147

    Roxas new breed of possible nobody and possible evidence

    *sigh* here we go of all people you had to come along :lol: so your telling me when you were first introduced to Roxas and learn of the nature of a nobody you thought he had a heart right after the beginning of KH2? before you knew everything esle about him?:35: still if your paying attention...