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    I'm back... for those of you who recognize me, whats up? for those of you who don't, hey, I'm Trevor. :D
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    Not future of KH per se, but...

    Does anyone know where online I might be able to purchase a Sora crown keychain thingy? I'd really enjoy having one. :)
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    I think the fact that Ansem/Xemnas turned into a spaceship of varying technicality in BOTH GAMES kind of threw me through a loop. Seriously, wtf. Who turns into a spaceship!?
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    Clouds Sword

    ...this is possibly the most pointless thread I've ever had the misfortune to wander into... AND IT GETS MY SEAL OF APPROVAL!
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    Populated Worlds, please?

    Has it only ever occured to me that the worlds in Kingdom Hearts I and II are, by and large, pretty much deserted? I mean, Twilight Town was a step up from Traverse Town (Even though I personally like Traverse Town better), but still, there were like 10 people? and they were all copies of each...
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    Fanfiction ► Not really a fanfic, but

    a short story I'm submitting to be put in a Teen's Short Story Anthology: Adam paced the dimly-lit hallway in a stress-induced panic, the faint smell of alcohol and sweat pervading the air around him. He was backstage at the Studio 101 club, guitar in hand and butterflies in stomach. It was...
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    Ok, it's time to admit it...

    Who has ever died in the Gadget Shop? I mean, it can be argued that it's one of the best places to get materials for synthesis if you have Lucky Lucky equipped on all people, but man, on expert sometimes it just gets HARD. So, raise your hand if you've ever died in there. and btw, why is it the...
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    The official "I Want Chrono In KH3" thread

    yeah, i know it isn't going to be KH3, but 'The Official "I Want Chrono In The Next Kingdom Hearts Endeavor' Thread" just doesn't have the same ring to it. :D. So what do you think. I mean, it's personally my favorite Square game, and I'd be totally happy if Chrono and Vincent were in the next one.
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    Kingdom Hearts in Disney Parks

    Okay, now considering we're on a Kingdom Hearts forum, I don't really know many people who wouldn't want it to show up in parks in one way or another. but if it were to show up in parks, how would you like it to be? I mean, I'm aware that they had some meet n greet sora, donald, and goofy...
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    Hope City [A Literate RP]

    Background: In the year 2099 on the Planet Earth, the world was about to celebrate a century past the new millenium when a catastrophic event happened. The United Western Asia Corps (Russia, China, Japan, India, the Middle East, etc.), a group headed by Tokono Iuwicha of Japan. This group...
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    Can someone explain the Final Mix stuff to me?

    nevermind... I found the stuff on the main site, I was an idiot.