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    Foo Fighters Greatest Hits

    For the past 15 years the Foo Fighters have been writing some of the best rock this world has ever known, and over that same period have well made their mark as a musical force to be reckoned with. Who knew that the once drummer for Nirvana, Dave Grohl, was destined to be a frontman that had...
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    santuary dancers?

    I agree. People are looking too deep into small things, making inferences and hinting at conspiracies. Who cares if the dancers are alike? All dancers are like that. Besides, the dancers in Utada's video aren't bitches like the nobody dancers
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    Hades Paradox Cup: Cloud and Leon

    Ah, my bad then. And I finally beat this. I don't understand tho, for some reason on this time around I had about two and a half minutes or so to complete this round whereas in the past it only gave me a minute... Is it supposed to be a minute or two minutes and thirty seconds?
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    Eraqus or Erauqs?

    I'm pretty sure it is. Wiki said it, and it makes sense seeing as his keyblade is squared
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    65/100 review for KH!! what?!

    I agree with toaster on this one. I can easily see how KH can be disliked. I mean, for instance, attack is "X" Multiple attacks is "X" a whole bunch Magic has 4 shortcuts- one button each It's a very simplistic battle system. Most people like a variety of moves they can choose. I mean yea...
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    Hades Paradox Cup: Cloud and Leon

    yea well its kinda hard to do it in one minute and I think he was just commenting on my skill level, trying to flame me I guess and I don't know what other stupid questions he's talking about. I'm not bad at the game, I just don't see how this is done
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    Eraqus or Erauqs?

    It's Erauqs. "Square" backwards
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    Hades Paradox Cup: Cloud and Leon

    but I don't get it, they don't get hurt by my magic. They just deflect it every time And what other stupid questions have I asked? I don't recall much other than the FM advice and asking about the Days importance
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    Oh God, I'm so sick of flying here (HELP!)

    Same thing happened here. It took me a while to realize the challenges were grouped by world. I looked at the challenges and was like "wha-? I only got the ordeal badges in Twilight Town?" Then by accident I pressed the trigger while I was doing something else :lol: But I never spent hours...
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    I fought Terra for the First Time

    i don't have a japanese ps2 or swap magic :(
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    I fought Terra for the First Time

    Why didn't you just say "Lingering Sentiment" the first time? :23: Also, I want KHII:FM sooo bad and to fight Terra. Not to mention the Organization members
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    (Re:COM) Leveling

    Do you mean don't worry about sleights all together?? If so, Wtf are you talking about? Sleights are essential. Not to mention they complete the game and make it more fun imo
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    Anyone else kinda tear up?

    What didn't you understand?
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    santcuary and its backwards lyrics.

    She doesn't say "Ansem". That was a misinterpretation. I heard differently. Don't know the word exactly, but it wasn't Ansem
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    Hades Paradox Cup: Cloud and Leon

    I tired your method today and... no luck My thundaga didn't even hurt them. That barrier thing popped up every time I casted it. And yes, all of my drive forms are MAX level Alright I reeeealy need some help here. Anyone else got any ideas? How did you guys beat them? :cry:
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    Importing KH II FM+

    Sure it is! ^^ Now where can I get my hands on one of these Japanese Ps2s? :35:
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    Importing KH II FM+

    The guy has a point. Also, FM doesn't work on other Ps2s?
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    A needed introduction

    EDIT: :cry: Apparently this needs to be done
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    santcuary and its backwards lyrics.

    I just got this song on my iPod yesterday. I love it ^^
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    Hades Paradox Cup: Cloud and Leon

    When you say sometimes does this include Cloud/Leon?