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    Can so one help me

    Ok i was on youtube and they have a video that shows you that you can unlock Room of Sleep and explore it does anyone know how this is possible? ok never mind can someone close this thread thankx
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    Did The Worlds Seem Short?

    Yeah i noticed it seems too easy to beat the levels the levels in the first game seem to take longer
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    Our ____ are gone !!

    Just like everyone else said they were talking about their photos being stolen along with the word
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    Hardest Boss

    I would say Riku Replica IV it took me like 5 times to beat him
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    Re: Will BBS be a good or bad game? I believe it is going to be a great game
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    Hardest Boss

    I would say Xaldin was pretty hard on proud mode for me
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    358/2 days trailer

    Its really cool but I would have to agree it is fanmade
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    Picture of Aqua

    Thats fake like everyone said it s a bad photoshopper.
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    Like everyone else has stated he only comes when sora dies on certain fights
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    Has anyone else here played.....

    So I was just wondering has anyone else played Kameo well I just started playing the game a couple of days ago and so far I really like it
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    Clouds Sword

    I always wonderd about that as well my brothers said it is like that to keep it from falling apart of course he was joking
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    how good is it?

    I really liked the game and so far it is not going to be relesed in the U.S
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    Good comparison I never thought about that
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    I would say Roxas then it is Axel
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    Fanfiction ► Perversity

    I love it nice job now I hate Riku
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    Opinion on Demyx

    He is not much of a fighter so I dont like him
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    sora's new look

    I think that they made him that way so he would look older
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    i have a question

    Sora and Riku are not guy some people believe they are but the are not
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    kh2 vs kh

    KH1 is definitely worth buying
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    NEW BBS NEWS!!!!

    Nice find I cant wait until it comes out