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    Keyblade Theory

    So did anyone else notice that the keyblades lying around in the Gathering Place dont have any keychains on them? I watched the FM+ secret ending a couple times and my roommate pointed out that the UEM and DS hold the only keyblades with Keychains. The 1st Kingdom Hearts was created from the...
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    Master Chief vs. Samus Aran

    YouTube - HALOID (Halo + Metroid Prime - Master Chief VS Samus Aran) Great Video or Greatest Video? Who Really Won? Personally, I think this is the most Epic Win I have ever seen on the internet. And I think Master Chief Won.
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    Help/Support ► Being Bullied

    You should just ignore him. Its the hardest thing to do, but if he can see that his bullying isnt getting to you, he'll get bored with you and move on to someone else. I kind of like the "catching him in the act idea" Hope this helps
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    Im Back!

    Hey Guys! I have returned after my 2 month voyage into the internet. lol. How has everyone been?
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    Hey Guys/Gals, Im probably not going to come back to the KHI Forums. While I loved it, I just dont have time anymore, especially once the Fall Semester starts in August. Ive been using my gf's computer all summer, and im going to give it back to her, so I wouldnt be able to post in the...
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    Probably not anytime soon. Give it like 5 or 6 years. Its not that Japan doesnt want us to have it. There are other factors that go into re-making a game. I made a thread about it. KH2FM+: A Business Perspective
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    KH2 FM+: A Business Perspective

    While I have been listening to you, im still arguing the point of this thread, which is to state possible business related reasons why SE probably will not release FM+ right now. You have been ignoring that. You are looking for business statistics, this is for discussing release options that...
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    KH2 FM+: A Business Perspective

    Im PRESENTING A BUSINESS RELATED ARGUMENT. Why cant you get that? Do I need to simplify it for you? I never said its not coming. I said this is probably why SE will not send FM+ to the US and PAL regions. I think you did. A little insinuating, isnt it? "A Business Perspective" Contains...
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    KH2 FM+: A Business Perspective

    lol, its not a matter of getting it into their heads, just a matter of getting them to at least respect our opinion on the matter. I think they should be able to hope for it.
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    KH2 FM+: A Business Perspective

    I dunno what world you live in, but making money and not making money isnt hard to figure out. Would you read what I posted? I never said "Hey here is a bunch of facts that are right." I stated its a logical business argument. Argument. My side to the issue. Its realistic. Its logical. I...
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    KH2 FM+: A Business Perspective

    It doesnt take someone with a business degree to find out if you're going to make money or not. I said this, me being a double major in Psychology and Business in his 3rd year. Thats why I said its a "logical argument", and from someone who is taking business classes, its a "business...
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    KH2 FM+: A Business Perspective

    EDIT: Ive posted this in a bunch of threads already, so instead of having to post it multiple times, I made a thread. EDIT: This is an explaination of some of the aspects that go into re-making a game. These reasons might affect SE's decision to re-releasing it. So before you hate on Japan...
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    The coolest fight in Kingdom hearts 2 FM+

    Def. the Organization. ALL 13. Thats a win for SE.
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    Should I get a Desktop or Laptop?

    I had a laptop coming into my freshman year of college. It was a HP dv1000, but fried itself 3 days after the warranty. (AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!) $400 to fix. Not easy money in college. So I went most of my sophomore year in college spending countless nights at the computer lab to do papers for...
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    Total Post Number Dropping

    I was at 300 posts a week ago, and when I got back onine last night, I was at 280. I posted a bunch last night in numerous threads, and my total posts was back to 280 this morning. When I checked what I posted under find other posts, they were gone. Can someone help me with this?
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    I got the ultima Chain and can't beat sephroth And i'm lv 76 How do i die?

    well, if you are anything above beginner mode, you will probably have to be around lv 99, plus have some mad sklz. He isnt easy. Try using reflect.
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    Help/Support ► KH Corruption

    Why does emo have to have a negative stereotype?
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    Fanfiction ► The New Organization

    AWESOME! I wonder what kinds of literature all those books contain...boggles the mind...and the heart...
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    Why do people think Ven is connected to Roxas/Sora?

    I really dont see the connection. Terra has more of a connection. Like how in the first part of the Secret Ending, he double images, kinda representing Sora and Roxas as one. I mean, yeah, Ven looks like Roxas, but I still dont think he is connected to Sora at all. If the Secret Ending took...
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    Action Replay Max and KH2FM

    I know you can buy Swap Magic. That works instead of a mod chip. Havent tried it myself, but a friend has it and it works just fine.