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    Bobby Valentino

    one of my favorite r&b singers anyone else like him
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    Dr. Dres new cd

    i love Dr. Dre's last album which was along time ago...glad hes makin more records anyone else like him
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    Snoop Dogg

    still one of my all time favorites anyone else like him?
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    my second favorite rapper anyone else like him?
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    Kanye West

    Kanye west is my favorite rapper anyone else like him?
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    Any NBA fans out there?

    im a huge fan of NBA and i love to ball my favorite team is the houston rockets
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    Vincent Valentine from FF7 gettin his own game?

    Here's the link http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/dirgeofcerberusfinalfantasyvii/index.html?q=Final+Fantasy
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    ff9 in KH2?

    i just want vivi in KH2
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    ff9 in KH2?

    Rinoa is in FF8...i think u mean garnet
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    Gummi Ship

    well...i think this is also a perfect time to ask this who the hell is BHK?
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    Gummi Ship

    i havent played any video games for like a year so i didnt hear any news or anything
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    Shows You Watched When You Were A Kid

    heres my list of shows i used to warch all the time when i was young - Power Rangers - Teletubbies(yes its really g@y) - Pokemon - Digimon - Barney - Batman - Spiderman - X-men - mister rogers neighborhood - histeria
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    Gummi Ship

    Is the Gummi Ship gonna be KH2? i thot it was the only bad thing in KH
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    Resident Evil: Deadly Virus

    RULES:1. I think u all know the rules Story: During the incident at the spencer mansion(RE1), one crow infected with the T-virus flew into a small town near arklay mountains, called Wilterton. Wilterton was hundreds of miles away from other cities.What seperated them was a forest full of...
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    Batman or Superman

    I prefer Batman cuz hes cooler
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    Favorite Burger Restuarant?

    I love Carls jr.
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    hey im new...just registered a while ago