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    Help/Support ► ~Offical Gf Help Center(guys only)~

    Darkly Aesthetic u shoulda done it..... the best time is when both of u r alone... like today...... don't be scared, just take the risk.... usually when u take a risk u don't regret it... and if she's hinting that she likes u can't loose.... btw: im just throwing this out there...... if u like...
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    new theory....on mickey

    well i think some one said, this is ofcourse from another theory, that the war started to see who was the strongest of the four sides, twilight, darkness, light and dawn..... some one else said that sleep by birth is a keyblade they are fighting over..... another person said the mage is a nobody...
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    new theory....on mickey

    well, i kind of fixed it a little......
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    new theory....on mickey

    I though of this theory, after reading a whole bunch of others….. So if it sounds like part of yours, and it probably is, I thank you … Well, to begin I’d like to start at the end: at the end of kh2 the gang gets a letter from mickey, the letter is an explanation of what happened and perhaps a...
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    where can i get KH2:FM+?

    if i import then i hav to mod my ps2 don't i?
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    where can i get KH2:FM+?

    well, i've noticen many people, especially here, that seem to be playing KH2:FM+, so where did u guys get them? did u import? or download? And i want to know how to get it, anyways thanks.
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    Birth By Sleep

    the exact quote in the first secret ending is "It all begins, with birth by sleep."
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    Sora-looking knight theory

    well, thats the flaw..... sora wasn't killed by a heartless...
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    Birth By Sleep

    for some reason i thought it was a name of a keyblade.....
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    Xenahort, former friends with The three knights?

    We Also See That Splitting Effect, In The First Secret Ending When E.s. Is Standing There. That Could Be A Hint Too, Maybe E.s. And Xehanort Were Twins Or Something......
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    No, I MEAN YES, COCA COLA Used To, But That Was Untill The FDA Stopped Them.....lol
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    Haha Its Cuz I Edited It, It Seemed U Guys Were Going Off Topic And When I Saw U Wern't I Edited It...lol
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    Never Mind.............................................
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    Has anyone else noticed.....

    Has anyone else noticed, that when u fight Xenmas on top of that dragon thing... he is in armor? like the knights in the secret endin'? does anyone c any connections?
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    help on mini games....

    where do i get the SB minigame? i got it for HB (that duck asked me) but i don't know where to look for it anywhere else.....please help.... thanks in advanced.....
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    secret bosses?

    hey does KH2 have secret bosses li ke in Kh1? you know like the phantom.... i haven't really done any exploring due to school and stuff, but i just want to know.....thanks in advanced.....
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    I Found This On Google (has Spoilers)

    it is pretty cool....... wait ive seen this before i think....... on filefront maybe? i dunno imm gonna check *yep....some one from kh-2.net uploaded it to filefront a while back..... around like december before KH2 came out in the U.S. ...it was meant for people who hadn't played the game, or...
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    green drive form

    like with mickey in twltn or riku in twtnw
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    green drive form

    can someone photoshop a picture of sora and make him have green clothes? i just wanna c what it'll lokk like...... try making one with none/one/two/or even three keyblades.... just a suggestion.....