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    The Official: Do You Like Sora Or Roxas More?

    You can't mess with the original. Sora pwns Rucsak-- I mean Roxas. :D Roxas might have that whole dual weilding oblivion and oathkeeper thing, but so does Sora eventually. And Sora cam make them float around him, he doesn't even need to touch them! Basically, Sora is better than Roxas. I'll...
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    I'd rather get either Oathkeeper and Oblivion like Roxas, or Xaldin's spears, cause those were awsome. :D 'Tis late, and I have school at 6 o'clock. Later friends. XP
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    Just view it on youtube! XP
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    Easy way of leveling up?

    Cool, I needed that info too. I'm around level 50 and I just beat Luxord. Is everywhere in the world just Nobodies now, or are there still those pathetic shadows/NEO shadows in the actual city? XP
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    Riku replica has nothing to do with Riku loosing his heart... They're completely different things. XP
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    New Clothes

    Roxas wasn't in the first one, therefor he can't have new clothes. :D Anyway, I like the new clothes, especially Sora's cause thats what gives him the drive ability. And everyone else look good too. I especially like Cloud's AC clothes. So cool. XP
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    The Organization Graveyard?

    Actually, it was originally a graveyard, and there were pictures of all the dead member's weapons on their tombstones, but Nomura took that out because it would spoil Zexion's weapon. People probably refer to it as the Organization Graveyard because that was what it was originally. That's all...
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    Heartless form and Mickey..............

    You're all WRONG!!! Anti Form occurs when you're hit by too many heartless during a drive mode. kh-vids.net has a video to prove it. go download it now and see for yourselves. :D However, Sorikku and Soraox were right about King Mickey, but I think it's only on a few bosses. Like, 13 outta the...
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    ienzos weapon

    Who knows? None of us do, I'm sure of that. XP
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    For the people who have KH2

    I know what you're saying! I actually have the game, but still, it's not cool. I'm feeling for all you Europeans/Australians! XP
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    for those who have the game......

    Yeah, I wanted to see that scene too. I just thought I wasn't that far yet, cause I just started playing on Saturday. But does it ever actually happen? XP
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    what do you like about kh2 better than kh1

    GUMMI SHIPS of course. And just about everything else about the game. Lol. XP
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    Fenrir pics

    Okay, this is just a spam thread now. I'm getting a god damn mod.
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    Beat the Game

    It's called egsageration... or however you spell it. Anyway, look whose calling who a noob. You've been here a month while MyInnerFred has been here since last November, and he's a premium member. Go play KH2 some more, cause 15 mins just to get some money for Roxas is pathetic. :rolleyes: XP
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    drive form level up

    It's not random, it happens when you're hit by heartless too many times while in a drive. And it is supposed to be bad, but a lot of people think it's the best drive, I myself haven't used it yet, but it looks alright. XP
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    Did anyone else notice...?

    It was a crown. If you look really hard after he takes his hand away you can see it. I did at least. XP
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    Favorite Form Poll

    My favorite that I've seen is Final Form, but I don't even have Master Form yet, so to use, mine is Valor. :D Wisdom isn't too bad though. I can live with it. XP
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    Still haven't changed?

    It really wasn't that bad. So Nomura made Seifer talk like an idiot, who really cares? XP
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    *real* ultima keyblade pics

    Lol. Looks alright. Wish I could go kill some heartless with it. :D XP
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    where r u in game and what do u think of it so far

    Well, I would be playing it now but in my house we only have 1 1/2 hours at a time to play, since every one here loves the game (and with 3 other people playing, I'm not gunna have another turn for a few hours... >_<). Anyway, I'm on the sixth day in Twilight Town, and I love it so far! Just got...