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    Harry Potter DVD

    i wasnt sure where to put this.... but i was wondering if i should get it in Blu Ray or standard def DVD. i know bluray is obviously better, but the problem is i dont have a bluray player... yet. i plan on getting a ps3 in a year or so. but Harry Potter is my favorite movie so i dont think i...
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    I can put ringtones on my phone through a media card, the ringtones i made can go on the phone and play fine through the media player. buts its when i set it as an actual call ringtone that it doesnt play when i receive a message, it just shows that im getting a call and no sound. Well heres...
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    Future of the PS3, Price, and Equipment?

    Well figuring that the PS3 has changed its models and prices, now theres a 80GB version for $600. and i think that the 40GB is gone, and im not sure about the 60GB but i think its $500 now. but what about in a few years? i havn't been here lately so i dont know everything going on. like what...
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    To anyone who knows a lot about phones (purchasing, etc.)

    I'm thinking about getting a BlackBerry 8830 sometime soon (i'm with Sprint) and I was wondering about the price and discounts. so everyone in my family has an open phone line and mine will be the 5th, how much do you get off a phone when you open a new line? my mom said its $150 off, but the...
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    More News on KHII Final Mix and Re Chain of Memories

    this Final Mix looks like it will be a lot better then Kh's FM.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? yeah im probably not going to be able to import either.
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    Favorite CD/Most listened to CD

    Tittle says all. dont think anyone has done this before though. like mine would be probably "Some Hearts" Carrie Underwood. i like every song on it. usually its just about 5 or something on other CD's. Yours? CD name: Artist:
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    ^^yeah, thats true. it woulda helped if you said what he might have said bad though. i think its probably just grunts and stuff like that. or like how sora says "take that."
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    is my game messed up?

    well my jak 2 game always just stopped after a while and none of my other games did that, so I think it might be your kh2 disk. but if the samething happens to all your other games, then its your ps2.
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    well i dont really know if anyone here likes country music. (i dont really either, except for a few artists) but if you care or are just bored go to this site: http://gactv.com/gac/pac_ctnt/text/0,,GAC_26058_47218,00.html and got to vote, and vote for carrie underwood please! or anyone you like...
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    FFXlll in KH2?

    he probably did it on purpose. either because he liked the idea, or its a hint to another game he's making. its like the harry potter books, every book has a hint for the important things. if you dont like the books or read them, then you dont know what i'm talking about.
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    no i didnt. but i kinda did something like that when i was little and played pokemon and got to the elite leaders, going againts that dragonite..... anyways, no. the org members werent too hard, and the music didnt really help beause usually its not too loud.
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    Twilight gem?O+

    well orichalcums (sp?) are in chests and the rare heartless sometimes drops it. twilight gem.. um i forgot but one of the nobodies drops them i think.
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    how long

    well i did everything in jimminies(SP?) book-er.. journal. which was atleast 60+. then lately i just play areound and fight things. so at least 70-80+ i dunno.
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    how do i beat the paradox cerberus?

    well i forgot, but for most of the cups i just summoned stitch and used his attacks, forgot which one, but the one that goeson longer. but if you cant summon (^^) use combos and magic.
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    Need help finding assasins.

    go to the world that never was, then go to the place just before the last room. (or the next room until you find them. just along that area, but they are probably farther back.
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    KH2 too easy?

    most of the time it was too easy, there were some parts were you just didnt level up enough. and the only really hard part even at level 100 was the last fight. it was easy most of the time, just that i could never hit him. i go "bam" he goes "bam, bam, bam, bam." lol. weird.
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    Curseing KH2

    that would be funny, but since its part disney it would never happen. and the characters arnt really bad enough.
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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    well i dont like the fact that you only do minigames there. the singing is okay, but most of the time i find myself watching the singing more then the button pressing things. and you dont get to fight anything, but since it was shorter and there was singing, it was better then kh's atlantica to...
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    Riku's Kairi

    i dont think riku gets anyone, or he might meet someone in kh3 or something, but likely he deosnt have a girl.