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    In the Ship Graveyard of Port Royal, check around some chests.
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    If you could choose the intro song of KH2 witch song it could be?

    If Sora was a major thrasher, then Young and Aspiring by underOATH
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    who controls nobody?

    Xemnas controls the Dragon and the Sorcerers'. Axel controls the assassins. all of the others (dancers, dusks ) aren't controlled by anyone, or may be controlled by deceased Org. members, but just not mentioned. and no Roxas controls the samurai's, not the dusks.
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    Only as a memory...
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    2 identical keyblades?!

    Fenri and Ultima work well together though. :)
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    Very quick way to level up summons

    The easiest way to level up is if you go to the Pride Lands and go through the King's Den into the other side and come out through the peak and a ton of flying Heartless will be swarming at the type and you can either just use Curaga and go into Berserk to defeat them and get ep or you could...
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    Favorite Thing About Kh2

    I like the reaction command, adds more to the gameplay, which is pretty cool.
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    Hey everybody, name's Billy, I've been in to Kingdom Hearts for a while and thought it be cool to talk about with other people.So yeah, welcome me or whatever.