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    Treasure Planet

    Do u think Treasure planet wouldve bine cool in kh2 or will in 3. Ive never seen it so i wouldnt be able to tell u my opinion.
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    My Patience is runnin thin

    Im stuck in monstro and it appears i need the high jump, What do i do to get it?:confused:
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    hidden cheat

    wtf is this SH!7. Can u really, explain or be flamed
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    Message to Kh2 Lovers (i wanna tell you somethin!)

    Its Blasphomie. The guy who said that is prolly chokin on his own vomit right now.
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    Pick 3 KH2 people you would marry.

    1. Jane (i know she aint from KH2 but idc) 2. Jasmine 3. Yuffie
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    funny idea i just thought of

    your just mad because he thought of it before u. Milk it for all its worth TB
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    These are great pics, Maybe u can help me. Im tryin to Get 2 pics from Another side another story. First one i need is Roxas in the begining walking towards the screen in the rain, the second is a pic when Roxas was facing directly at the camera when he asked were sora was. TY in advance:)
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    I also Need High res Pics of Another side another story. I Just need two picture. One in the Begining When Roxas Is walking towards the screen, and the other when The camera is right infront of Roxases face when he asks were sora is. Any help will be greatly appreciated TY
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    A little bit of sad proof

    somewere, far far away, An inocent child just died.
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    What are CHasers?

    exactly what the title asks. What are the chasers? I saw someone else mention them in another thread so ya.:confused:
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    I am blessed.

    I started playing KH2 over again on proud mode and im fight xaldin, I lose on purpose so i could get a swig at mickey after i had my fun i decided to change into master form and finish the battle but instead i changed into anti form and lost the battle, then the white screen came up again. I...
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    How do u do that?!?!

    Please im on my way out and i need to know everything there is to know on how to play as mickey through the game, like against sephiroth and so on. Such as what i need and stuff. Ty in advance:D