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    Human Interface

    [So you know, this is completely random, and I just moved into my new house} Chapter One A teen girl stood on the porch of her house, awaiting the arrival of someone. She stood still, not moving an inch. Soon, a car pulled into her drive. A teen girl got out. " Miss Yoshida, come in." the...
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    Oraganization XIII- Favorite Fight

    Wow. This is popular.........
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    Your Favorite Kingdom Hearts 2 character

    Your favorite all-around character from KH2, all people count, every single one.....:D
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    Oraganization XIII- Favorite Fight

    lol. your not pathetic. Who knows whats with how the game works? But~ oh well :P as long as you get through the *insert cuss word* fight.
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    Oraganization XIII- Favorite Fight

    You could have just told me verbally!!!!! I'm your effing sister for crying out loud! I live in the same effing house!!!! :cursing:
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    Oraganization XIII- Favorite Fight

    you like a lot. :3
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    Oraganization XIII- Favorite Fight

    Which Organization XIII battle was your favorite? :)
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    Favorite Organization XIII Character

    Characters you may choose from are in the pic. Just wanna know what you think.
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    Just curious.......

    Of course you would! I'm just a kid! A girl no less! Geez!!
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    Just curious.......

    Ew. Perv.
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    I was curious to know what you think. Why does Sora's hair always spike, even when wet? Let me know what you think. it's rather intresting to wonder.