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    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Petition

    Rumors ARE flying around that it will be released here. And apart of the rumors that I have heard, KHII: FM will actually be in Japanese with English subtitles. :/ This is what my friend told me. As to where she got this information, I have no idea. But, honestly, I would love to see it being...
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    wut was in the letter mickey gave sora

    Kairi didn't even look like she had read it yet. The note was still in the bottle. Now, if I were Kairi, I wouldn't've bothered to put the note back in the bottle after I read it. Sooo, I don't think she read it yet. She was "worried" looking because she was running and out-of-shape. And to me...
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    I finally got Axel's purpose.

    I assumed Saix kidnapped Kairi so Sora would come. In the cutscene, Kairi was like, "So it's my fault Sora's going to get hurt blah blah blah..." Yeah. Stuff like that. =) And it's a good theory. I didn't really stop to think about why Axel kidnapped Kairi, I just let it be. But now that you...
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    what is your fav thing a character said in kh2?

    Roxas: Anyway, no one would miss me. Axel: I would miss you. Not sure if I delivered Roxas' line correctly, but it's something along those lines. xD