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    Hopes for Days

    I just hope it isn't a total let down. I heard from some people it's great and I heard it's really bad too. I'll just have to play it to form an opinion of it myself, in September.
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    The Luxord Battle in the World That Never Was. I was like WTF I'm a DICE!? What is that bar at the top and why is it going down. Why am I a card now? do I attack those floating cards. (etc.) (First time playing) That part at the begining where Roxas and Xemnas are talking at the End of the...
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    Possible Spoilers?! Repliku, after about 6 fights he still comes back for more. Even leveling up and is still defeated, only to give up after riku defeats him. Vexen was a little easy, y'know after the 10th time of leveling up. Lexaeus sure was a pain in the arse, it took me a good week to...
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    Who will you play as in Days?

    Roxas, Larxene, Saix, maybe Xion if shes playable. Marluxia too, he sure was one heck of a boss battle. oh, and Axel definitely Axel. And Zexion too. (LOL, basically all of 'em :36:)
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    Confirmed Voice Actors for Days (UPDATED: Complete List)

    Re: Confirmed Voice Actors for Days Now All I need to figure out is Namines' VA. Brittany Snow or Meghan Martin. Personally, I liked both of them. Snow had that 'happy yet sad' voice and Martin had that 'sweet little girl' voice. The suspense is just killing me. (not really.) :confused:
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    Need help on Re:CoM

    I think I used something called sonic blade? I don't know it's actual name but the combo was Lightning + Attack + Attack or something like that. sorry I haven't played it in a while. lock on to him and use this attack, It cuts is life down pretty fast but make sure to have a lot of back-up cards...