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    the date...

    ive been gone from kingdom hearts looking for a due date and infomation,and i figured out that its due december of thuis year...g2g
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    i quit

    i have to many things to deal with,so im giving up kh2,although i still wait
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    Darkness or light

    same here^^
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    dusk theory

    ^^ thank you!!!! /\/\
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    cheats for sanandreas

    can someone help? i cant find any....
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    dusk theory

    youll need to keep youlse stories straight!i mean,come on,you have to admit,CoM did introduce alought of things,but it leaft us hangin',ALOught!
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    What would you do if KH2 dosen't release

    id go to him my self,and start a time bomb that i only know how to defuse,and demand him to reales it.....if that dont work,well.......i have my ways^^
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    BHK's Shadow

    its a good thrie,and dont mind starry,hes a sower sport^^
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    BHK's Shadow

    thats a great theroie^^ im watching tears of memories,so dont mind me^^