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    Calling all fans of Namine

    yeah i've noticed that as well!!!! god it's a shame
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    kh2 good or bad

    anyone who says it was a waste of money should be assassinated on the spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    kh2. Why isnt it popular

    They will realize it is a good game when it comes out here, Zelda rules
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    Game Review!!!(KH2 got 9.8/10)

    YEAH that is the kind of score i would expect ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lip Syncing: A big factor in KH2's delay

    If the lips don't sync they it won't be as well organized game, besides i hate it when the lips don't sync right.
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    KH2 Gets a 94% From GameBrink.Com REVIEW!

    I'm with overdrive it's should be 99.9, the story, graphics, fighting engine is perfect.
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    KH1 cheats

    Defently need gameshark:)
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    Kingdom hearts 2 protest

    It will get out when it gets out,there is no getting it any faster.
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    Sora Vs Riku

    Have you seen how buff Riku is sora wouldn't stand a chance///
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    Dark Keyblade

    you could just tell him khprodigy1, but i personally don't know.
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    KH2 questions

    it would'ent be an R.P.G. if it did.
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    WHAT! KHII dissapointing, Yeah right.

    yyeah my friend hates that game and i told him alllll!! of the most great new things that r in this kh and still he hates it so i kicked him square in the nuts!!!!!!!!:D :D
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 goes platinum

    who ever already has KH2 you are lucky to live where all the acton is. Ps platinum sweet when it's sweeped worldwide those numbers will easily double.
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    Is there a point?

    gold micky icons???? u may be taking this a bit to serasly :rolleyes:
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    What the hell G4?

    what are you talking about!?! they did already :eek:
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    dark over light??

    listen to this, what if sora and riku fought for "real" and sora could not automaticlly win beacause he is the"hero" who do you think would win. i think riku would beacause he is all mussile and sora is skin and bone am i wrong?!?!
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    how does riku know??

    He probably knew about it in his gut he knew what that was it was a instict because he was the keyblade's true master.
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    Important Light

    steamboat willie no way i hope that board has no big part in the game why they put that as a board i will never know
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    The superior?

    Ansem would be to obvious it will have to be something that we could never expect!!