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    (Comment on YouTube) quicsilver87 (3 hours ago) Notice how ALL of the Organization 13 memebrs have atleast ONE X in there name? (Later Comment) Jacks1Wench (2 hours ago) yeah, Organization XIII is the name of their heartless(?) mixed up, with an X in them. "Sora" "Roxas" Eh? Eh? Hilarious...
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    Dance Dance Revolution

    Wondering if anyone here DDRs. I'm on Standard, Heavy on some songs. My Freestyle Song = My My My - Armand Van Helden
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    Christmas Day 2006 = Apocalypse?

    Okay, first off, I have absolutely NO proof of this actually being true/semi-true. I DID however, read a magazine saying something about John The Baptist having visions while crossing some desert. Supposedly, one of those visions was Jesus Christ coming on the 2006th year with his army of...
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    GTK + 2 Runtime Environment???

    Hey umm apparently this software has something to do GIMP. Well I don't know what to do with it does someone know? Oh and I'm sorry if I should've posted this in the graphics.
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    Alright guys,it's open

    My forum is open,here's the link: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Analitic_Assault/index.php?act=idx I need one more mod,two maybe. Just register and I'll make you a mod. :mellow:
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    Anyone wanna help? Mod Position (open)

    Yeah,I'm making a forum and I need a mod. Any volunteers?
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    Royal Form! (its never gonna happen but isnt it beuatiful?)

    That guy sure can draw. Royal Form ftw! :D
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    I got SUPER NOVA!!!

    Do you know how long I've been waiting to get a DDR? Well,I got DDR SUPER NOVA!!! YESH!!! Please discuss. Comment on the game I mean. :3
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    Peacemaker Kurogane

    Hey,anyone read/heard of/seen this anime? If you have,please disscuss. =3
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    -sigh- Math.....

    Okay guys,gotta few problems for ya: Rewrite each pair of fractions using the LCM. 1. 2/9 and 4/15 2.3/5 and 1/2 3.3/7 and 3/5 4.6/9 and 7/8 Multiply. 7/11x23/42 = ? 3/2x5/6 = ? 5/7x7/10 = ? 4/7x7/2 = ? 7/8x4/21 = ? 3/5x2/3 = ? 7/10x5/8 = ? 3/4x8/9 = ? 5/2x1/2 = ? 1/3x3/5x5/7 = ? Reduce...
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    Who do you think goes together better?

    Alright,personally,I've heard some fighting about who goes together better: Kiba and Hinata or Naruto and Hinata? So I decided to make a poll,and here it is.
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    The Final Test

    Nobody ever said it was gonna be easy. "It is time to begin training for the-" "FREE FOR ALL!!!" Naruto yelled. "Shut your mouth." Hokage Sarutobi said. "I will assign your sensai's for this." "Huh?" "I might not get to train with Kakashi sensai?" Naruto thought. "Any questions?" "No?"...
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    Good Omens

    Has anyone read this book? I borrowed it from my teacher last year and I thought it was really good. Didn't finish it though. So if you read this could you please tell me what happens? It's about the Antichrist being switched at birth and then I had to give it back to teach. So if you read it...
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    Will somebody please join my RP?

    It has come to mind that you all think I'm SO stupid. So I made another RP. It's better than the last one. The last one took me 20 minutes,and the new one took me two hours. I gotta tell ya,I put some effort into this one. The new one's called War Against Our Own: Mistaken Reactions. Someone...
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    Ok,I made another one...

    This one is WAY better. It's called War Against Our Own: Mistaken Reactions. I'm telling you it took me a while. It's WAY better than the last one,trust me.
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    War Against Our Own: Mistaken Reactions

    The year is 2034. The Earth is at war with itself. The Northern Hemisphere vs. The Southern Hemisphere. Here is the reason: It was reported that on August 4, 2034 a missle was fired from Brazil towards Washington D.C.. The missle was eliminated before...
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    I need some way to pass the time....

    I'm waiting for this RP to start and I need some way to pass the time. Please contribute.
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    Need some help re-doing my RP

    Umm it's called Shuya's Quest: The Dark Fortress. Nobody is visiting it and I guess that means it needs re-doing. Will someone please help?
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    Anyone wanna join my RP?

    It's called Shuya's Quest: The Dark Fortress. It's really good :D
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    Shuya's Quest: The Dark Fortress

    "Ok! Geez!" Shuya said. "Stupid dishes." He mumbled, "They always need washing." "And hurry up!" His sister,Ridley said. "Alright already!" Shuya said. Shuya was now 15,and his parents died when he was four. He had gotten used to living with his 18 year old sister,but was also pretty sick of it...