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    Homemade Tattoos?

    Okay. Well, first of all if this is in the wronge spot. SORRY. Okay now, I know some people (including myself) who have given themself homemade tattoos. Now, I just did mine today and well, i dont know. I need some imput (sp?). Like uh... Do you think there safe? Would you do it? Just im...
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    *SPOLIER* Book Manual!

    Awwh Thank God i cant read -yes im about to attempt to spell- JAPANISE ((SP!!??)).
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    Haha I got it!

    I have it Pre-Ordered too.
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    so what happens

    Eeh, i wonder the same thing, though i wont know untill it comes to Florida-Err-America?
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    roxas or sora???

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    if ur no kh pushover

    I think, if people are beating it in 50 hours;; they are just going threw it. Not leveling up or getting all the extra stuff. Me, im gunna take mah time even if it takes me over 50 hours.
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    i just beat kh2! i have proof

    Awwwh i didnt- Uh nevermind....CONGRATS!!
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    what the..??...look at this

    Well, if they plan on making a KH3 it cant be someone REALLY important.
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    Namine or Kairi

    Me, i hate both of them but i went with Kairi. ><
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    sora and kairi or sora and namine

    i have my reasons for hating them so i mean if there all just good friends thats fine with me.
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    sora and kairi or sora and namine

    I hate both Kairi and Namine so i hope they both die >< yah like that would happen. But if i had to choose i would say Sora and Kairi.
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    Re to "Who do you think this is?"

    I think it's Riku. But who knows.
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    who is your fave COM unknown.

    I say Axel. He's someone to look up to.
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    How Long Did It Take You To Beat Kingdom Hearts ?

    I dont rember i took my time getting everything 60 maybe 61 hours.
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    my friend said she cried on some parts of KH1, did u?

    Okay, i did cry alot douring that game! :'( yea i cryed so what?! lol no i was crying douring the ending then Kairi came and eeh i dont like her! But i still cryed!
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    Favorite Color

    Okay. Well, im really bored so i figured why not find out what people think of peoples favorite color?! Wow that didnt make much sence. ^^ Okay, neways i guess sence im just bored im making a thread to rate colors! Okay i guess we can do it like this.....For example, i post Pink, Black, Blue and...
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    Who was the coolest character of KH u think

    Well, this is no order inparticular. Riku Sora Jack Skellington Cloud
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    Is it just me, or did COM suck?

    Well, i liked it alot the only thing i didnt like was the battle system and the whole card thing..... i got confussed on that..... but i liked the story line that went with it.
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    do you think Sephiroth was hard?

    Like i said..........Thats just me!
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    99 puppies then there parents 2 then pluto and i think thats it so 102?