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    *sigh* Just a few little things i noticed...

    i have been sick at home for the past like 6 days and i replayed many games, including kingdom hearts. and i noticed some stuff that might have been mentioned before, but just in case...: 1. The opening theme - if you listen closely, the background piano sounds a lot like the...
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    What if Namine was a boss?

    it would sort of be like fighting kairi... which would be wrong because she's innocent but namine, well...
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    Kinda New..

    Hola everybody! i also am twilightgirl027... i totally lost my password AND my email address got changed so now i'm back for a while. i was so busy for a while and had no time to visit the forums and i really missed it. so basically i am saying that twilightgirl027 is BACK for a good while...
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    Sora losing all abilities

    i was confused by that whole ordeal... then in KH2 he forgot those abilities too.. i think it would have been cool to somehow use your memory card to load your KH1 abilities and use then in KH2
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    Is Namine evil?

    I dont believe Namine is evil....
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    Questions about Twilight Town

    i was just thinking about the characters initially in Twilight Town. Roxas= Sora, Hayner= Tidus, Pence=Wakka, and Olette=Selphie. This is probably a stupid idea, but it's probably just a coincidence.