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    I got the call from eb

    Yeah I live in FL and it should be the same, thx man.
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    I got the call from eb

    I preordered kh2 from eb games and my mom picked up the phone and she accedentaly pressed for spanish and she didn't even tell me about it until know like an hour and a half later did anyone else get that call and what id it say?
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    Did u notice in the intro

    so whatever
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    How much $ would you be willing to pay?

    I would pay $64.82 ish
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    Did u notice in the intro

    huff... muffin things don't always have to have great meaning, i just put this post up so people could take a closer look at the intro, see mickey, say " oh ok cool" and thats it.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    Ok guys hears the plan we got to break into the gamestops and steal kh2 lol
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    Did u notice in the intro

    whatever muffin
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    Did u notice in the intro

    Did you guys notice in the intro to kh2 that when sora and riku were running up the stairs that mickey was running with riku? He is kind of hard to see.
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    There is hope

    From what I've been hearing alot of people say that kh2 is going to come out on March 30, but on Targets website it is coming out on March 2 and I also saw at the eb games I go to that its coming out March 2 which would be great because we would only have to wait one more month.