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    kihgdom hearts 2 theme song backwards

    Yes, it's true. But this is also very, very old. Please, just check if there's already a similar thread the next time you make one.:toungesmile:
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    Roxas' comment during the Battle

    He means the Keyblade. Check SeaSalt IceCream's post, it explains why it was referred to by saying "he." :toungesmile:
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    Worth it?

    Like I just said in another thread, it's worth it if you want that extra material. The only downside might be the Japanese menus, but the Internet offers help for that. But if you have money to spend and don't have specific use for it, go ahead and buy Final Mix+.:toungesmile:
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    how good is it?

    It will most certainly not come out anywhere but Japan. And it might be worth buying, I personally haven't played it, but if you would like playing the Organization data-battles, fighting Terra and getting Re:COM (plus having to figure out the Japanese texts) among a few other extras, you can...
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    Cloud and Sephiroth

    Cloud and Sephiroth were transported to another world. Most likely their home, which was stated by Tifa.:toungesmile:
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    haha i wonder

    I'll have to agree with most people here, they probably are still alive. And if they are, they will probably be seen in future KH titles. But I believe that Maleficent won't be such a big threat anymore. It would be a little repetitive.:toungesmile:
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    Axel, Roxas, Zexion, Xigbar and Luxord. I can't really say more, they just seemed interesting.:toungesmile:
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    theory of dusks...

    I agree. Dusks can be controlled by every Organization member. Except for the XIV member, who we don't know about yet.:toungesmile:
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    Ignoring the heart?

    I think you can ignore it. You can think that it's like moral, it tells you what you should do or what's the right thing to do. And there are people who seem to totally lack moral, but they actually just don't listen to it. So I say you can ignore your heart.:toungesmile:
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    what happend to roxas

    He fully accepted merging with Sora and then merged with him. That's about everything we can say!:toungesmile:
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    the Klepto club???

    Agreed. Kleptomania is an "obsession" with stealing, kleptoclub is just a wordplay by some writer. Not very important, so you didn't miss anything important. It's all good!:toungesmile:
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    Why Venom?

    It's most probably and almost certainly the name the french magazine made up for the DS. Ven's name is very probably Ventus, so Enigmatic Roxas is right.:toungesmile:
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    I would also say that Terra is about 20-25, Aqua might be also in her twenties and Ven would be 14-16. But these are only the assumed ages, we're not completely sure yet.:toungesmile:
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    Do Nobodies eat?

    They eat, sleep and do all other things a normal person would do. They just don't have feelings. We've seen Roxas and Axel eating sea-salt icecream numerous times, if you want some proof.:toungesmile:
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    character from ff crisis core

    Yes, Nomura often makes his characters look alike. It's his style, I guess.:toungesmile:
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    Question about Xemnas

    That could possibly be true. We will probably learn about the connection between MX and Xehanort, and it could have some connection with this thing. And 358/2 Days will probably help, because it's about the Organization XIII, and I believe I don't need to explain that Xemnas is the leader of the...
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    Question about Xemnas

    Maybe Xemnas only remebers anger and hate. It might also have to do with something AnsemDarkheart said above. We aren't sure yet.:toungesmile:
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    quoestion about summons

    They're all rumors. The only time you get to play as Mickey is when you fail in some selected bosses, for example Xaldin, I think. Then Mickey comes, and you can play with him for a short period of time and then you recover Sora. If you want more info, you can check Google. That's all info I...
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    Ven, a memory? A thought that I had...

    Rixam, this theory is very good! Well, okay, a very good thought, if you didn't want to call it a theory. But I think it sounds absolutely possible! I would say that Roxas doesn't remember Ven, because the memory of Ven was hidden. This could be because of Vens memories of MX and some battles...
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    Fanfiction ► A new Birth (kh Story)

    This is actually kind of interesting! I would like to read more, if you are going to continue it. The start got me curious, you did great job in leaving me waiting! I want more of this!:thumbsup: