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    Final Fantasy Characters in BBS

    iunno. 24 maybe. Maybe Zack will appear and force Terra into getting a different hair doo. Rinoa might appear. I want zell to make an appearance. And Cecil and Kain.
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    Final Fantasy Characters in BBS

    Which Final Fantasy characters do you think will/want to appear in BBS?
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    The Worst Character in the game

    Jiminy Cricket..... He serves such a weak purpose. At least they should involve him a little more. Maybe he stays on the gummi ship most of the time.
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    space paranoids opinion

    Loved space paranoids. The storyline rocked, what are you guys talking about. pride lands story sucked though.
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    Wall-E in future kingdom hearts games

    Just saw Wall-E and I can truly say that it is a perfect film. I think it rules, but providing we get Pixar worlds in the future, do you think Wall-E should be one to be included in future kh games?
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    Erm ...

    dude you sound like a professor of Kingdom Hearts keep up the studying
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    Erm ...

    no, he just thinks that if he kills Sora, Roxas won't need to disappear
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    KH2 FM better or worse?

    I am sorry, but what kind of dumb ass question is that? fm is the same game with extras in it, who wouldn't like it more?
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    help with argument

    Kingdom Hearts is pretty gay, but we all love it anyways
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    where do the nobodies of organization XIII get their powers?

    I never understood nobodies. If they were truly nobodies, they would all be sorta vegetable like, with no personality org13 on the other hand is just a group of different unique personalties who for some reason have weapons based on different elements. No it doesn't make much sense, but I'll...
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    Ven's name

    How many of you people actually know what your talking about
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    I think it is absolutely ridiculous how some people on these forums feel the need to state totally irrelevant things in a thread. I'm talking specifically of statements like these "This is not new info. Look before you post" "This has been discussed before" "This is very old news" "This is the...
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    First encounter with a nobody in the underworld

    When you first run into a nobody in the underworld, after the cut scene ends, There appears a weird diamond shaped blue symbol, covered in darkness with those white nobody thorn things around it. what the hell is it? What does it do? Is it a gateway? I don't know,please help. Please note, I'm...
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    Critical Modes Abilitiy - Zero Experiance

    yeah that's probably correct but the challenge will still be there.
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    Critical Modes Abilitiy - Zero Experiance

    I ment all of them, I was just illustrating that I might not be able to get the severely important ones.
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    Critical Modes Abilitiy - Zero Experiance

    In KH2:FM+, Critical mode, you start off with an ability called "Zero Experiance" you still gain abilities and hit points from beating bosses when using this ability. By the end, you will have all active abilities, but you will have very bad stats and you will be missing many passive abilities...
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    I'm taking Max's Challenge

    as long as u have one '0' card, and never use it in a sleight, u should be fine. Cure card would help too, but I can't remember if the beginning deck has one. oh by the way, this challenge is going to be severely boring lol
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    Birth "BY" Sleep

    Well, what if VAT will all begin to sleep(Whatever that means) and then they produce new keybearers. Ormaybe by sleeping, they pass something onto the children, maybe "The right to the key" or something.
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    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Abilities List

    Here you go GameFAQs: Kingdom Hearts (PS2) Final Mix Changes FAQ by Thorf In order to see the Japanese characters, you have to download a Japanese language pack, go to 'view' in internet explorer, character encoding, auto detect Japanese. I use Firefox though, so it might be a little...
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    Most fun boss to fight?

    ZIGBAR!!! :D He was definitely the most fun to fight!