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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    About what you said earlier with Tidus and Yuna. IMO I believe that Rinoa would have a better chance of appearing first then Yuna because Squall has been a bigger role compared to Tidus. Plus the fact that they would have to make Tidus the age he is in FF10 for it to work.
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    Actually i quite liked her meaninglessly kicking the walls lol. A bit of a short appearance but it was fine with me, because of her objective was to find Cloud. We might end up finding Rinoa appearing in KH3 and having a very similar role.
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    Xaldin Battle

    I was playing on normal and he was easy for me. Beat him on my first try. All i did was keep using the reaction command. Xigbar was allot harder then he was, and i was even overlevelled, plus he nearly killed me.
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    Magic Carpet minigame help!

    I know he does, and i have. What i am saying is that the heartless bats do not appear(the 2) at the start, and the mage does not also. Any particular reason why not?? Edit:(Use Fenrir,Finishing Plus and Negative Combo and unequip all other plus techs. In fact you only need them 3) I finally did...
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    Magic Carpet minigame help!

    Hi, i am having trouble with this minigame and have been around a few forums for the last couple of days. People have been helpful, and if you are one, then thank you :). This youtube video shows how its done and i would like to say that this person makes it look so simple...
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    Editing messages problem!

    Hi i am new and have this problem editing my posts. Whenever i click save it comes up with this message in a box: vBulletin Message You do not have permission to perform this action. Please refresh the page and login before trying again. Cancel Changes I then get automatically logged out...
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    Hi i am new.

    So yeah i just came here to say hi and have recently bought KH1 and 2(both at once). Having completed KH1 in 70 hours, all secrets etc. Of which was great and worth the money.:thumbup: Now playing KH2 and about 12-13 hours into the game i think. However i must say that game seems to me allot...