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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I hate Larxene the most. She's annoying and she's a bitch.
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    favorite character??

    Riku hands down. I also like Axel, Marluxia, Zexion, Blindfolded Unknown, and I sorta like Demyx. But, I like Riku the most.
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    what charactars will be your fav in kh2?

    Axel will be awesome. Auron will be too. Both of them are awesome! The blindfolded unknown will be cool too...I guess.
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    I would twilight...most likely anyway...
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    are there any kh buddy icons?

    Yeah, I have one of a Heartless that keeps saying I will eat your soul...Go to www.mytheme.com (I think that's what it is). Otherwise look for some sites on google.
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    Weird dreams...

    I had a dream that me and my friend Alyssa got stuck fighting Heartless in the KH worlds. But we didn't fight with Sora and the gang and we weren't on Ansem's side niether. I think we were twilight and we fought whoever we wanted which were the Heartless apparantly. Both of us had two keyblades...
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    which character do u hate the most

    Kairi is frickin annoying. I think she is a preppy bitch.
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    KH Manga

    I like those comics. They are cool.
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    riku or sora

    Riku is so much better than Sora, in my opinon of course.
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    Favorite world?

    Halloween Town because its just cool!!!! Either that or Hollow Bastion.
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    Favorite character

    Riku is my fav character....if you haven't guessed.
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    Is E3 Tomorow?!?

    I hope it starts today!!! I doubt it is but it better come soon!
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    My guess: KH2 will be hard...

    I'm hoping that it is hard but not so hard that it would be almost impossible to beat[although, I doubt that would happen]. But it's going to rock either way.
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    Whats the stupidest thing you ever did in KH?

    For me, it would have to be......I didn't figure out that I had the shortcut thing for your magic until like.....The Deep Jungle. I kept dying faster because of it.
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    if u could pick a world sora could be in what would it be: any movie or show is fine

    I would say Rurouni Kenshin. He could fight anybody he wants. _______________________________________________________________________ |R|I|K|U| My anti-drug
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    if u could pick a world sora could be in what would it be: any movie or show is fine

    I would say Rurouni Kenshin. He could fight anybody he wants.
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    whos hotter? sora kiri riku or somebody else?

    Take a guess of who I like....if anybody is really that stupid i'll give you a hint....it's part of my username and it's my anti-drug. ______________________________________________________________________ |R|I|K|U| My anti-drug
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    Fanfiction ► Should I write my story?

    Go for it, KH and Yugioh are cool! Anyway, keep doing it if you want to of course.
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    More CG movies in KH2

    Hey maybe you shouldnt call people noobs. Well, even though I'm kinda a noob, maybe some people don't like being called that. Anyway, lets just talk about the topic....shall we? Ok...moving on.
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    New Images

    Cool pics and plz somebody make translations!!! _____________________________________________ R|I|K|U| My anti-drug