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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: Possible BBS NA Release Date If I'm not mistaken, Kingdom Hearts is actually more popular in NA region....And I could have sworn KH2 had some extra content.
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: BBS DATED FOR NA You hate Kingdom Hearts but you have almost 1000 posts here...I smell a TROLL!! BTW, what is wrong with the gameplay style? It's not an action game so using 2 buttons for combos isn't required. And you only have yourself to blame for turning it into a repetitive game...
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: Possible BBS NA Release Date You do realise that EVERY NA version of KH has had more content then its Japanese counter part, right? Then after the NA version is out, S-E takes that and adds even more extras on top, leaves the english VA and calls it the Final Mix.
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    Yet another stupid Unbirth Theory

    hmm Riku couldn't allow kairi to do anything. she is afterall a POH so why wouldn't she be able to wield a keyblade. Alsoif you remember in KH1 Sora tries to give his keyblade to Squall but the keyblade returns to Sora of its own will. So we can only assume that kairi had her own keyblade or is...
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    swap magic 3.8 coder

    alrighty i got my swap magic and final mix game. i know know how to boot it up and play the game. but im wondering if anaybody can help with getting codes or using codes with the help of this thing.
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    Swap Magic Help

    when PS2 first came out the game were made on cd's. you use the cd disc for the games on cd's and you use the dvd disc for games on dvds. it can play imports and burned games or burned import games whatever. all they are isd a boot disc.
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    kh bbs dosen't start in the past???

    theres 2 possable explinations for the future and past thing. 1.history is destined to repeat itself. ven could be soras father fighting the darkness and now sora must fight, kinda like a heir to throne. or ven didn't finish the fight and soras just continueing 2. xehanorts heartless used...
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    merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to everybody on my side of the planet!!!!!!!!!!! oh if you in Canada Happy Holidays(I wouldn't want to offend any body)
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    KH2FM+ on PS3

    yeah the actual ps3 warrenty isn't very long but i got a 3 year in store warrenty. by the time thats up ps3's should be cheap enough that id be willing to mod
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    Damn modchip.com

    yeah by credit card. i was gonna get the matrix infinity mod chip but nobody could tell me if it was compatable with my PS2. if i were to get the mod chip the i was gonna do a case mod but since i went with swap magic. ill just spend the extra coin on a ps3 game instead of modding the PS2
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    I Got Final Mix+!!!!!!

    If I'm not mistaken that's stealing. You have to be real careful where you say that that's how you aquired the games. Lots of boards will ban you. Im in the same boat as you, i have the games now i just need my swap magic, i got the "overnight" shipping and welll its been 4 days. I HATE THE...
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    Awesome Translation Guides

    Kingdom Hearts 2:Final Mix Plus http://www.stanford.edu/~darthur/kh2.pdf Kingdom Hearts RE:COM http://www.stanford.edu/~darthur/khcom.pdf copy and paste the URL's into your web browser and it'll automatically start the download, you'll need adobe, which i believe if you select find the...
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    KH2FM+ on PS3

    sorry there was already a topic on this but it got closed before i could reply. it is actually possable to play foreign PS2 games. but it requires opening the PS3 and doing some things. you need to solder in a 3-way switch on the disc ejecter. how it works???well first you get your switch and...
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    Lv.1 Playthrough

    i just got KHFM, kH2FM+, and FF10 International. just waiting on my swap disc to come in. gonna play em all in order and finish eerything. then once i finish KH2FM im gonna go back through and do a level 1 game. that in combination with completeing ninja gaiden sigma on master ninja mode and i...
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    Need help with translation of cards effect and cards please

    excellent FM+ translation guide http://www.stanford.edu/~darthur/kh2.pdf excellent re:COM translation guide http://www.stanford.edu/~darthur/khcom.pdf both of those are the download version. as soon as you copy and paste the URL it'll start the download
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    Even though I don't know Japanese should I buy KH2FM+?

    i did. theres translation guides everywhere. tho ive played all of em enough that i know the games story pretty well. all i really need translated it the menu's and even then after a bit i just remember whats what
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    Damn modchip.com

    WTH i ordered a swap magic for my slim like 4 days ago with the ups express "overnight" shipping and its still not here. now im being nice cause the holiday season is pretty hectic everywhere. but whats really bugging me is my tracking # isn't even registered yet which means they haven't even...
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    final mix

    man 53 views and nobody knows anything? *sigh* guess ill hafta keep lookin myslef
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    final mix

    Im looking for a kingdom hearts final mix translation guide. I mostly only need it for abilities and item descriptions. i already found some great ones for KH2, and re:com. i've been searching for a while and cant turn up anything
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    I thaught that Nomura said...

    A while back Nomura said that there will never be spin-off's of the KH series, KH is Sora's story. So then how are they going to incorperate sora into a game taking place 10 years beforehand. also if im not mistaken sora was 14 in KH. so maybe at some point we see sora's birth in this game. also...