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    anime web sites

    i haven't been on the forums in like a year but im despreate me and my bro wants to know were is the best place to watch anime for free w/out down loading,
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    Bleach is a ripoff

    Im a noob to bleach and when i saw it it was close to yu yu hakusho. not exactly the same thing but it would be a good source material what y'all think
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    FMA is historically accurate

    The philosiphers stone is a real item. iwas watchin history channel and they were talking about the stone. ed elric is based on edward kelly who belived he could transmute things alchemy was a real science that took place in medeavil europe. know u now were the idea of FMA comes from:thumbsup:
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    omg! The secret ending finally makes sense!

    finally a theory that make sense it could false since none us knows TN personally but it is a chance it is right
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    shin chan

    this is avery FUNNYYYYY show. it is on adult swim at 12:30 so it had me laughing the whole show it is about a kid name shin and his funny misadventures it is great beacause it will give you a smile b4 the more serious stuff like fma and big o you must watch it
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    neon genisis evangelion movie theory

    they say a award winning director is interested in the movie i think it might be speilburg he is a expert in the genre so it is possible:confused:
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    i need Huge help against unicron can someone help me now
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    badd kh3 worlds

    they are 1,000,000,000 posst on good kh3 worlds what not talk about bad ones brave little toaster: to childish pochahantas(SP): learn about it at school any other ideas?
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    Kingdom Hearts anime

    i know i started the other thread but go to kotaku.com and go to the gaming part and you will find out. no flaming please it is soposse to be an anime
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    i just heard they are making a kh movie. im not lying. go to wikipedia search under kingdom hearts series. and it will give you the link. sorry i forgot the link though:cry:
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    fav naruto jutsu

    my fav jutsu is lighting blade of kakashi it rules all and shadow clone jutsu
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    Riku's Kairi

    riku will marry himself and adopt a kid in africa
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    iths show is sick. i was quite surprised they acually use profanity (the show was on toonami the move it 12:00am after fridays) anyways is there a dvd release yet .
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    finally after more than a decade its near

    they finally making a fouth teenage mutant ninja turtles movie i need to know anything you know about it i need you guys help im desparate.
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    kh3 enemies

    this is just for fun so what if in kh3 sora and co. fight the nazis sora travels back in time to help the allies and defeat hitler then hitler became a heartless and after deafeating him they get a purple heart
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    kh2 rumors

    i heard rumors is not comming out on a console but they are making one for the psp
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    mythril items

    shards and crystals. stones maybe
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    mythril items

    i REALLY need to know please help.
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    mythril items

    in kh2 they still have it
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    mythril items

    do any 1 know were to find the mythril items?