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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    Here to, she did at least show up as a good cameo:thumbsup:
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    I still agree she didn't have to be in the game, but she was still a good cameo. Yet, if that's the way people feel about her, than that's like saying there shouldn't FF cameos at all!
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    Well, if you remember. KH1, Tidus was a kid. KH2, Yuna was a kid (cherreb actually), so add the years that went by in the game, and I say that would make a good romance story.:thumbup:
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    Don't know? Fenrir keyblade was awesome, and well worth the fight with Sephiroth, but the scene after the fight took a turn for the worst when Tifa entered.
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    To start off, sorry with the double post, error with my tech, happens ta everyone some times, and 2cd, Yuna's husband. Quite a valient title if I do say so my self. You think Riku's really qualified for Yunas luv. You ask me, I think Riku and Payne belong together more. More personallity comparison.
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    Well, like it was said in kh2, where ever cloud goes, tifa follows. If ya ask me, I think kh3 should have some romantic link between tidus and Yuna, don't ya?
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    most likely. Ya ask me though, as said in kingdom hearts2, where ever cloud goes, tifa shall to. I think in kingdom hearts3, they should have some romantic link between Tidus and Una, don't you?
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    Well. I think she wasn't necessary, but she was a good cameo. I mean, your a big FF game fan, then it was good to have in there. That's one of the games biggest promises, was having good, claasic, well known FF characters in the game. Also, fighting along side a cutie like that, well, was just...
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    Gangs of deep dive.

    Alright, you guys remember the city of deep dive that the organization took over and so on and so on. Well this is before that. There will be 5 gangs. Ya know, like the mafia that runs the city or whatever. You can have any weapon or supernateral power you want, just not to outlandish. The first...
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    Fav. forms revised.

    What's your overall fav form. I know most of you are probably say final, but I know some think other wise out there. Mine's Valor.
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    Can some one help me!

    Alright, I'm ttrying to complete the game 100%,but there's some stuff I don't know how to do. The only worlds I haven't completed are omlympis and twilight town. mMy question, how do I fight Seifer and Setzer? Also what level do I have to be on to complete the last three tornaments of the under...
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    FFXlll in KH2?

    Finally, thank you. All my freinds that I was a complete monkey when I told them that. Finally someone else.
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    FFXlll in KH2?

    Hosnestly I've never noticed until you just mentioned that. Of course there are alot of things in kingdom hearts like that you just don't notice at times.like on the Island, I did't notice that kid was tidus until the end of the game, I know it sounds stupid, but I just didn't.
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    Genesis of fusion

    Alright, here's the game. Your a wonderer in a post apocalyptic desert world. It's you and who's ever with you (you must have a team mate). You can have any time of oregin story you want. The thing is you and you tem mate or mates can fuse to create a new form, the kingdom hearts way not the...
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    Ultimate Tournament

    All right, I'm declaring this to be the best RPG game in this forum. Here's the lo down, the terains four sections, forest of death, desert of time, land of ashes, and the tides of undoing. The rules are, anything goes. If you wish to kill off another player (which is kinda the point) get his or...
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    The Unofficial "I Dislike Something in KH2" Thread

    I disliked the cura magic and anti form. I mean it was cool ya know, but damage from an enemy was much greater in that form, you couldn't level up or sora couldn't level up, and it took up drive points that you were intending on other forms. Not cool ya know!
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    One peice

    I was watching that show the other night and I loved it. Alright you know how to do it, make and describe yur own pirate. Give him special abilities or skills (those who have seen the show know what I mean). I'll allow up to 5 different captains, after that you must ask to join crews. Have fun!
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    If you had a nobodie

    Name: Xajy Age:16 Description: Looks like me except has long red hair. Weapon: 2 chakrams and a scieth element: black rose
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    Try and figure out the names of all of the Org. Members!

    Xemnas: the seeker of darkness Xigbar: the magic bullet shooter Xaldin: The whirlwind of six spears Vexen: the freezing Scholar Lexaeus: the peacful giant Zexion: the shadow walking tactician Saix: the moon dancing demon man Axel: the wind of dancing flame Demyx: the nocturnal melody Luxord: the...
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    Correct me if i'm wronge, but...

    I haven't played FF 10 or 10-2, but I do believe that the gullwings are from 10-2. Right, except they look like children in kh2? What's up with that?