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    x blade Theory

    Perhaps Sora will probably play a role with the X-Blade returning, since he is the main character after all.
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    So, is Vanitas a...

    Vanitas is a being of pure darkness. Remember he was the dark heart that helped form the X-Blade.
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    Vanitas' return

    Sora helped Ven's heart become whole...Vanitas wasn't a dire requirement.
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    SPOILERS... Vanitas's future influence on Sora

    Yen Sid said Ven's heart is asleep; Ultimainia clearly states that Ventus' heart is within Sora, atm your "physical heart" claim is just a conjecture. All the evidence we have atm points to Ven's heart being with Sora. As for how Ven summoned the DoL, we dunno-- in fact we don't really how how...
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    Um. Who beat him?

    IIRC according to the Ansem Reports of KH1 (most of them written by Terranort) he willingly became a Heartless-- the Nobody was something a which also came to be as a result.
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    Vanitas' return

    Do you think Vanitas will possibly return in some shape or form? IMO he probably will going by the appearance of Vanitas' Sentiment. What to the rest of you think? Oh and don't forget to vote! =]
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    castle oblivion

    Didn't Roxas only have his incident at CO because Ven and Sora were at CO?
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    Xemnas. Why didn't he?...

    My bad, I got those mixed up with Meteor spells. :P
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    SPOILERS... Vanitas's future influence on Sora

    Vanitas got destroyed with the X-Blade-- my evidence? Well...do you see any Unversed around?
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    Xemnas. Why didn't he?...

    Probably memories-- note that against Aqua he seemed to have forgotten how to use Quake spells, so probably by the time he recovered after being saved by Aqua he lost his memories about his skills with the Keyblade(s).
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    Yes. No. IIRC it was said that if a Heartless and a Nobody were defeated then the Somebody could return-- so naturally it'll be Terranort. And he most certainly will return with his memories (or will regain them some point after his return) seeing as his memories will help him go against Sora...