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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    Whoa, I felt horrible for Roxas and Axel. It really didn't help that Axel was my favorite organization member either. I wanted to cry after the fight scene between Axel and Roxas. *sniff*. I really didn't get enough of either of them to tell the truth.
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    level in CoM

    My Sora was level 89 and Riku was 62. For me the reason my levels were high for Sora was because I was trying to find 0 cards for the final battle, every time I tried I always died and realized, "Crap, maybe I shouldn't have gotten rid of my 0 cards." I love learning the hard way. With Riku, it...
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    Will KH2 Stink?

    God, no! If anything it'll be better than what we already expect. At least, that's what I'm hopeing.
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    Chicken Wuss? What part was that? That's pretty funny, who cares what a character looks like, I really think it's how they act though.
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    FF VIII was okay, it was the first FF game I ever played but it confused me. FF X was the one that got me into it all, but I do remember Seifer from VIII. He was cool but I liked that other blond guy with the tattoo on his face, I can't remember his name though.
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    Here's another one

    Finally, a place where KH fans are serious about their discussions. It'll be great to finally see other well thought of theories from other fans of probably one of the greatest games out there. I look forward to discussing with you all.