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    Big Brother, Anyone watch it?

    Hey all, 1st question, does America have big brother? i havent heard of it in USA... 2nd question, how many people actually watch big brother? Reason why i ask is cause im auditioning for Big Brother 2008 in Australia... its the 8th season, and it seems to be fairly popular in Australia...
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    I ran a search but didnt find any threads about this anime... anyone else seen it? Heres a run down from Wikipedia for the interested/curious; Gintama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It's pretty funny, and has refrences to Shonen Jump Manga including some of the other series that have...
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    Everybody hates crhis - Season 2???

    Does anyone know if theres gonna be a season 2 to crhis rocks awesome comedy?
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    Gears of War - 360 help?

    Yo Bought gears of war the other day as everyone who owns it says its the best game to hit 360... Anywho i bought it, chucked it in the 360 and took forever-ever to load, stayed on the Xbox 360 start screen for about 3 minutes... then came up with a black screen and said this disc is...
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    Completed the game last night just on 40 hours of gameplay. i was pretty satisfied with the ending, and as much as it would be wierd to have a sequel, id like to see all the characters again. although if they did make a sequel, i wouldnt wanna be chasing brush techniques the whole time. anywho...
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    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

    What did you think of this movie? i really enjoyed the 2005 remake, this wasnt as good, but it was ok... i think they shouldve shown more of leatherface as a kid and being bullied at school etc... although it explains how that dude got the cop uniform, and how the other dude got in a wheel chair...
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    Lik-Sang - Gone! :(

    well i just tried to go to lik-sang.com to look up some games and theyve been shutdown due to a lawsuit from Sony im not sure if anyone used this site, ive never purchased anything, but with the new consoles coming out, it wouldve made it super handy to get some JAP only games. they always...
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    Nautimate hero, Pirates Carnival, Shaman King - All the same?

    well im a big fan of the narutimate series (i only have narutimate hero 3...) just wondering, is pirates carnival and the shaman king game alot like each other? are they any good? ive just started to read shaman king manga and its pretty good, but are all these games similar? also, does anyone...
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    better story- ff7 vs kh1

    as super eclipse said, stop spamming this forum with mindless FFVII vs KH threads. one is more than enough. belongs in the wasteland if you ask me.
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    Dragon Ball Z: Sparkling!NEO

    kamehameha anyone? whats the go with this game? apparently its supposed to be tenkaichi 2. does anyone know if this will have an rpg mode at all? or is it going to be like the budokai series? P.S. ive got NO idea what the difference is between budokai and tenkaichi. P.S.S. if it does not...
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    Blood Rayne

    let me start off by... worst movie EVER! what did you think? this movie was budget, but that wasnt the problem. the storyline sucked anus. they tried to get through everything too fast. no character development. acting was shite. i cant believe my michelle rodriguez played in such a bad...
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    Pal conversion? surely not that hard!

    just get a modchip. i did and its worth it. $100-$150, i got it whilest wanting kh2, but then i found so much more i could get, really opens your options.
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    hello all... has anyone got Battle Stadium DON? im getting in in 3 days and just wondering if anyones played it? looks heaps cool. like a dbz/onepiece/naruto version of SSB P.S. is anyone excited about persona 3? it looks the sheez but i dont think it will be released in US as the characters...
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    Dirge of cerberus: Help

    hey all wondering if anyone has or knows where to find larger size pics of these dont give me the link for google images, as thats where i got these.
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    pic help plz

    hey all... well im after a really good pic of Red13 (a.k.a.Nanaki) and i can only find the 3 crappy ones from squaresoft. anywho, its needed, not for a website or anything, something much more perminent... so if there are any awesome Nanaki pics that you know of, your help would be...
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    Missing scene?

    hi hi. well just came across a pic in a sig (ultima) and i remember seeing this in a teaser before kh2 was out, also connecting to this pic where sora runs and leaps towards the unknown... i dont remember any of this in kh2.... did i miss something...? it seems to be the point in kh1's...
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    Favourite Anime Theme song

    i gotta say my favourite is: Konjiki No Gashbell - SE1 opening Bleach - D-Tecnolife, UVERWORLD - 2nd opening (i think) Bleach - Asterisk, Orange Range - 1st Opening Naruto - the 2nd intro (where it shows the stadium and all the different fighters) what are yours?
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    Fast and Furious - Teriyaki Boyz (Tokyo Drift Theme Song)

    did anyone else find this song addictive? i loved the movie, thought it was brilliant, finally gives japan the gratification it deserves. so yeah the question is, did anyone else like this song? also, has anyone heard any of their other songs? ive only heard Fast and Furious and Cho Large. do...
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    Suikoden V - Your thoughts?

    hey all, just started playing Suikoden V and just got out of the first flashback scene. ive never played suikoden before and a mate gave it to me cause he highly recommends it. what are your thoughts? is it truely a great game?
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    Narutomate Hero 3 - Help.

    hey all. recently modified my PS2 and have now got Narutimate Hero 3. anywho, i cant understand japanese, does anyone know what the basic controls are? and what the main menu things mean (translated) unless there is a site with it all translated... Gamefaqs wasnt very helpful.... thnx in...