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    Twlight Thorn

    Some people call it Darkthorn, so w/e. And I was obviously talking about it... given the topic and how I mentioned Roxas and Nobodies... Anyway, yeah, now that I saw the vid again(before that link above was posted...), I'm thinking Xemnas.
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    Twlight Thorn

    Darkthorn? That was a Nobody, hence the silverish/white appearance and the Nobody symbol on it? And like I said before, and others have said this also, they can all control lesser Nobodies... {edit}True, it could be him.
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    Twlight Thorn

    Or, it could simply be a part of Roxas, much like how Darkside was a part of Sora...
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    Twlight Thorn

    Doubt it was Roxas, and Lexaeus seems highly unlikely, for many obvious reasons. And though they all control a specific type of Nobody, I'm pretty sure that they can all control lesser ones, such as; Dusks, Darkthorn, and those little morphing things... For all we know, it could've been Axel. >.>
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    Is Traverse Town crap music?

    Traverse Town theme = Good. Monstro Theme = Good. Hollow Bastion Theme = Godly. How can you not like those themes? Geez. -_- {edit} And the Hollow Bastion ocremix theme Above the Rising Falls is simply amazing.
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    Axel in Final Mix secret video?

    No. The FS & Larxene are entirely different. In looks, and personality. Through the vid, you can see that the FS is kind and caring. Larxene is the complete opposite of that. I can't see what you mean about ES and Axel. They don't look alike to me. Besides, Axel was relatively weak... compared...