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    Hiya All ^_^

    hey everyone just wanted to say hi :D Name:Martin Age:16 and I live in california O.o I loveeeeee anime and RPG's so hope this forum is fun ^_^ and dont worry I know MOST of the rules O.O hope to cya on teh forums! peace :thumbsup:
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    Organization 13, not 14!

    maybe she doesnt have a X in her name so they said F U or something O.O or maybes shes half nobody half heartless? :O
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    Ice cream Keyhole.

    that was defiently a magical ice cream.I mean it never melted >_> and I know Sora doesnt keep a freezer in his pants>_>......wait that sounded wrong...I mean his pocket,unless donald spammed frezze on it O_e
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    The things we'll miss?

    :cry:wahhh I can't spam dodge roll:cry:
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    maleficient and the 3 faries

    They had a GRAND epic fight that destroyed 7 disney worlds and midgar, but after a bitter battle of destruction and chaos the faries were defeated and the tree of rebirth was destroyed and a evil striek was heard throught the land........or they just ran away >_>
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    Heartless and nobody

    O.o.......is Living Bone a heartless?:blink: