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    pokemon copies KH

    the new character in pokemon is hikari. they are copying KH!!!!!
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    remove which world?

    which worlds do you think should be removed in KH2? i think the little mermaid and winnie the pooh. those worlds are way too kiddy.
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    no KH3 on wii

    I dislike the idea of KH3 coming out to the wii or xbox360. I think that they should stick with sony because for some reason, KH matches with sony IMO. And i like the triangle button to be the reaction command. who else agrees?
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    Funny Kh2 stuff

    i didnt laugh at all. not funny.
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    Showdown of Fate II

    Does anyone know where I can dowload that cutscene? I tried KH-Vids but they didn't have it.
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    ppl have different strategy of winning.
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    final battle *spoilers* I just uploaded a movie on youtube about me battling the final boss on Reverse/Rebirth. Please rate and comment my battle style on youtube(you can also talk about it in this thread but I need more comments on youtube and please rate it on youtube). Here is the vid...
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    yeah...but thats all i get? and my background changed back to sora.
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    ok i just beated the last boss in Reverse-Rebirth. do i unlock anything if i beat Rebirth?
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    riku's magic attacks

    in KH:COM, Dark Firaga was the bluish fireball attack and Dark Aura was like Omnislash(attacks multiple times). in KH2, riku's fireball attack was called Dark Aura. did they made a mistake in the game?
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    kh deep dive

    whats that song that was played in the deep dive trailer called? that song is cool.
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    on one part of the song(the part where it sounds like japanese and it repeats after the lines "Angels in flight"), does that sentence spell out "I need affection than you know" backwards?
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    they should add SE game worlds(like FF or some other SE game) into a KH game.
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    Does square-enix own sora, riku, kairi and all of the other non disney characters and enimies?
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    what game do you think

    what game do you think is a better RPG? KH or pokemon? KH owns pokemon but i made this poll since some ppl may think some rpgs are better than another, and since some ppl think that KH and pokemon are an equal match, i made this poll.
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    how did namine got created? kairi never turned into a heartless.
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    oathkeeper keyblade

    is it made by kairi's good luck charm?
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    xemnas battle song

    whats that song called when you battle that king on the throne the second time? thats a cool song. and in case you dont know what battle i'm talking about, this is what im talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwC3mn1UtxE
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    who do you think

    who do you think is cute in KH? i think kairi is cute.
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    remember this commercial:http://gameads.gamepressure.com/tv_game_commercial.asp?ID=517 this brings back memories. i wanted it right after i saw this commercial.