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    Fanfiction ► Rebel Without a Flame

    Great story! I can't wait to read the next part!
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    The DS's name

    How about a nice name like Matthew. :p Or...Nemo works...
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    New worlds

    Please no Chicken Little world. I detested that movie. A Sleeping Beauty and Snow White world would be cool. In Sleeping Beauty's world, we could have a confrontation with Maleficent, and maybe we could see how Xehanort met her. In the Snow White world it would be really awesome to have a...
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    Gravity - use a Calm Bounty room in Agrabah. Stop - use a Calm Bounty room in Wonderland
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    Most hated Organization Member

    Luxord. He's the only one I really have a problem with. My favourites are: Roxas, Axel, Demyx, Zexion, and Vexen.
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    14th Weapon

    I think that her element could be something like surprise. It would be something like this: 14: SURPRISE! *Every other member mauls the opponent* 14: Well that was easy. And her weapon can be a bull horn so that she can make her opponents deaf first. :p
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion I've been rather uncommunicated with the KH world for a while, so when I went to KHI today, I was given quite a shock!! I am really looking forward to this, as Roxas is my favourite character in the entire series. Hopefully this game gives us all our...
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    Whatever happened to Yen Sid?

    After we talked to him at The Tower, we never saw him again. What do you think became of him?
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    Limit Form Info

    When do you get Limit Form?
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    Sora's Official Height?

    He's taller than me, I'm 5'1" 1/2 and I'm thirteen. He's probably around 5'5".
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    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    *waits patiently with screen zoomed*
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    What's it Called?

    Sorry if this has been asked.... What is the keyblade that you get when you beat Roxas called? Inquiring minds want to know....
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    KH2's Dumbest Quotes.

    "What?" - Sora, several times.
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    Square-Enix has a list for KH2: FM+

    I just tried, all the Neils went to sleep. *rolls eyes*
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    Vexen voice

    He should sound like Harley from Pokemon. :p
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    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    Riku Replica 4 and Axel 2
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    What's the story? Can you help me?

    My comments are in Bold, hope that they help with your questions. :)
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    Marluxia: Deathscythe, and Blossom Shower?

    I was reading that last night, and I was thinking the exact same thing.
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    the organization voices of castle oblivion.

    Marluxia needs a voice that says "I'm a guy and I like flowers". Vexen needs one that matches that creepy laugh. Larxene needs a sexy voice that sounds a bit like Rouge the Bat mixed with Shania Twain. :p