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    Film ► Show Reccomendations

    Heello my fellow kh lovers, i was wondering if there was any shows (anime or rl) that ya'll recommend!!?!?!?! Ive watched anything that is main stream so far. :) Any suggestions are welcome!
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    =CHRis AnGEL FAnCLUb= !!!

    :biggrin: OKay , we all know who Chriss Angel is ... right??, For those who dont know him, LOOK HIM UP ON NETFLIX! or Youtube, or where ever you feel like looking him up on!! Im hoping to start a fan club for him on here if there isnt one already, if there is already .... I dont care. lmao...
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    (Spoilers) just wondering

    Re: just wondering oh...lol i dont actually READ everything...so i just post werever SEEMS right....srry
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    (Spoilers) just wondering

    Re: just wondering ive played all the games....except for bbs....so ya you can tell me anything...or...are spoilers not allowed?...i dont really mind spoilers it just makes me more excited!
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    (Spoilers) just wondering

    hey why do you think Xion reminded xigbar of Ven? and by the way...srry if someone already asked this question... i havent been on here for months...and if you dont mind...can you fill me on whats going on with birth by sleep...i just clicked on the link to see who the characters are and...
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    whats been up?

    ok...ive havent been on khinsider i a long ass time....so can anybody fill me in on what been up? the only thing i know is that a roxas game is coming out and then birth by sleep is coming out too... so...any information on whats been happening will be gratefully appreciated...
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    Re: Chain of Memories. Does This Bug Anyone Else?

    Re: Chain of Memories. Does This Bug Anyone Else? its really not so bad...just think of sora going thru puberty!!
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    What do Guys look for in girls???

    Ok... pretty much what does a guy look for in a girl? like what kind of girl would you date?
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    KH: recom english opening cutscene!!!

    ok...i hope nobody else posted cuz everytime i wanna post somebody says that other people have posted and my thread ends being close!!! (im not a bad person T_T just unlucky!!) anywayyyyzzzzzz i found this on youtube!!! YouTube - Re:Chain of Memories Opening Cinema
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    Watch twilight movie here

    ok im the kind of person that when they find something good they share it with other people even tho other people already know sooo... i found this website that you can watch the twilight movie in... it may be no super high quality but its desent! heres the link...
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    Final Fantasy XIII Versus

    Im so excited about this final fantasy game!!! it looks so awsome! I heard that there might be blood this time! YouTube - Final Fantasy XIII EXTENDED!! HIGH QUALITY versus13 (i couldnt find the section for this thread to go in... ! srry) T_T i havent logged on in a whileT_T
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far dude i freakin' want this game....im waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to inpatient!!!
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: The official Re:CoM in America thread. maybe they'll fix his voice like they do to some singers so it sounds good... maybe they'll try to make it sound like sora from kh!:bored:
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    The Olympus Colysium

    Does the Olympus colysium have a keyhole? Cuz i passed the game and all, and ive noticed that sora never sealed a keyhole in the olympus colysium! If there is how do you get it?
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Need HELP!!! The world ends with you HELP ok... so you know that when you pass the games theres an extra(different) day right? and on that extra day you go to Pork City and Neku begins to go up the building? Well, on the 6th floor (i think) theres a Pig Noise that i cant defeat.... i dunno...
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    clue to the new enemy!!

    I think i found a clue that may lead to finding out what the new enemy might be.... Ok, in Secret Ansem report 5 in kh2 it says that: QUOTE FROM ANSEM REPORT 5: "not only did they generate "pureblood Heartless from, living hearts, but they then used those heartless to synthesize artificial...
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    Riku double

    ok... ive been thinking... what happened to the "fake riku" in khcom?? sora didnt kill him or anything... so what happened to him??? Maybe he the 14th member!!!!:bored: (yes i know the figure is womanly... but he could have got anerexic, cuz he has no home....or plastic surgery) Or maybe...
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    Thanks SeaSalt IceCream!!!!!!!!! for all to those who read this and think that i should know that he says "thank you".... for your infor i though he said "after you" or something.... what if he says "vaccum" I dunno.... he could have said many things.... but i just wanted to know what he really...
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    this has been bothering me for a very long time.... since i first played the game.... what does sora mouth to goofy and donald when mickey tells them to go to look for kairi and riku??? YouTube - kingdom hearts 2 hollow bastion visit 5 part 2 on 1:06-1:09