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    Help with normal levelling

    do twtnw and i like do just timeless river is also a place i like to train but twtnw is quicker though
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    ultima weapn help

    where do you find the synthesize recipe for the ultima weapon aka ultima recipe
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    Is kh2.....

    i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Countdown thread: Org style

    okay then let me try it out EDIT:yay i did it right
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    A little dissapointed.. *spoilers, kinda*

    i don't really care these are just small minor changes as long they don't change something really major and besides about the dmc i think it's that the kids just a f**King retard because pretty much everybody in my class in school has been playing m rated games for several years and they...
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    Countdown thread: Org style

    i don't know how
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    KH2 2 player?

    and kairi she can fight now too she was better then sora RIGHT AFTER HE FIRST PICKED UP THE KEYBLADE
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    Countdown thread: Org style

    today's XENMAS day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    did the wait lessen the excitement?

    lessen huh why the f**k would it lessen it should do the opposite
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    KHII cheats....already???

    as soon as the game is released ar(action replay ) codes will be released and on 4-17 a thing called ultimate codes comes out which is the ar codes on one disc on ly the kh2 codes but only for like 4 bucks or so . so then you don't need to buy an action replay to get & use the codes.
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    COULD somebody please...

    your answer:none
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    Did Anyone?

    back on page 9 i requested timeless river i looked but i don't see any pics from that part of my request
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    Did Anyone?

    i already asked for twtnw and xenmas
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    Did Anyone?

    sweet thanks
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    Did Anyone?

    You know, there is a thread specificly for countdown
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    What will you do on the day kh2 comes?

    well that's an easy question 1. get it 2, read through le guide like crazy 3. then play the game all day &night until forced to get off
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    Did Anyone?

    okay fine then just SOME of the bosses(my friend just smacked me in the head when i said " i don't give a s**T about the organization " after he said he wanted org. members . so just to make my friend calm down can you get the org. members
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    Did Anyone?

    Xenmas, Roxas, and End of the World, & ALL of the bosses & some of the steamboat willie level (aka timeless river) PLEASE!!!!
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    What would you do, or say!?

    well, I was planning to learn Japanese anyway
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    Question (Regarding KH2 and the forums)

    i will be here just less